Different Mobile Storage Services in Melbourne

With an uptick in urban living and shrinking living spaces, the storage industry in Australia is witnessing a significant boom. Based on reports, the storage solutions industry in the nation has progressed at a consistent pace over the previous five years, with a yearly expansion rate of around 4% within the past 4 to 5 years or so.

Notably, in the city of Melbourne, the boost in the market for mobile storage services is not solely due to space limitations but also the convenience and adaptability they offer. This trend reflects a shifting pattern in our behavior, with more individuals and businesses preferring mobile storage solutions for their affordability and ease of access.

Different Mobile Storage Services and Their Benefits

Different Mobile Storage Services

Mobile Self Storage

Mobile self-storage, also known as portable self-storage, as the title suggests, is a self-storage solution where the storage unit is brought right to your doorstep. In this service model, you can pack your stuff into the unit at your own speed, and then the storage company takes the filled unit to a safe and central storage location.

This method eliminates the necessity for you to lease a moving truck or embark on numerous excursions to a storage facility, conserving your time and effort. Nevertheless, when utilizing portable/mobile self-storage, gaining access to your belongings post-storage might necessitate prior notification or may not be as convenient as anticipated.

Basically, portable self-storage offers unbeatable convenience and ease. It gives you the freedom to pack at your own pace and in your own style. You can leisurely sort, pack, and load your belongings without the typical haste associated with moving or storage. Furthermore, this service significantly reduces the hassle and the self storage cost associated with hiring a moving van or making multiple trips to a storage facility.

Mobile Storage Services

Mobile Serviced Storage

On the other hand, Mobile Serviced Storage is a full-service storage solution. In this model, the storage company not only delivers the storage unit to your location but also provides professional packing assistance.

The company’s team of experts will carefully pack and haul your items into the storage unit, ensuring optimal space utilization and the safety of your belongings. Once packed, the storage unit is transported back to the storage facility, just like in the Mobile Self Storage model.

Mobile Serviced Storage, although pricier than self-service options, provides premium services to safeguard and efficiently pack your belongings. It’s especially beneficial for large, delicate, or specialized items that require professional handling. By entrusting the packing and loading to experts, you can confidently secure your items while optimizing storage space.

Problems Solved by Different Mobile Storage Services


Mobile Self Storage

    1. Space Constraints: Mobile Self Storage provides a solution to the problem of limited space in homes or businesses. With the storage unit delivered right to your doorstep, you can conveniently declutter your space without abandoning your belongings.
    2. Time Management: The delivery and pick-up of the mobile storage unit cuts down the time and effort spent on multiple trips to a storage facility, allowing you to manage your time more effectively.
    3. Cost Efficiency: By eliminating the need for hiring a moving van or professional movers, Mobile Self Storage saves you money, making it a cost-effective solution for storage needs.

Mobile Serviced Storage

    1. Expert Packing: One of the main problems that Mobile Serviced Storage solves is the packing and loading of items, especially large or delicate ones that need special handling. The service provides professional assistance, ensuring your items are packed securely and optimally, reducing the risk of damage during transportation and storage.
    2. Hands-off Approach: If you prefer not to be involved in the strenuous process of packing and loading, Mobile Serviced Storage is an excellent solution. The service handles all the packing and loading, leaving you free to attend to other tasks.
    3. Optimal Space Utilization: With experts packing your belongings, each item is strategically placed to maximize the use of storage space, solving the problem of inefficient space utilization that often occurs with self-packing.

Mobile Storage Services


In conclusion, both Mobile Self Storage and Mobile Serviced Storage provide unique benefits tailored to meet different storage needs. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective, time-saving solution or a premium, hands-off approach, these storage models offer a wide range of solutions.

If you reside in Melbourne and are grappling with space constraints or need a secure place to store your valuables, remember that Storage Point Cook can provide effective and tailored solutions. Each service is designed with convenience, flexibility, and affordability in mind, thereby making your storage experience hassle-free and efficient.

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