Creative Curtain Solutions for Oddly Placed Windows

Every house has its own idiosyncrasies and architectural elements that contribute to personality and charm. But what do you do when you have awkwardly located windows that are difficult to dress? Windows in corners, near entrances, or at unusual heights can present a decorating challenge. However, with a little imagination and the correct curtain solutions, you can transform these unusual windows into design elements.

oddly shaped windows

Corner Windows: Embracing the Angles

Corner windows, while architecturally intriguing, can be a bit tricky when it comes to choosing appropriate window treatments. Here are some creative curtain solutions for corner windows:

 1 Using Sheer Curtain Panels for Softness

Sheer curtain panels may be an excellent solution for corner windows that receive a lot of natural light. Sheer curtains soften the room’s borders while allowing the beauty of the outside to be seen from multiple points of view. Consider translucent curtain panels with a delicate drape, such as linen or organza, for corner windows. The fabric chosen is important since it dictates how the sheer curtains will hang and move.

2. Coordinating colours and Patterns

Choose fabric curtain styles that complement the room’s current décor to preserve a consistent look. Consider solid colour curtains that match or compliment the prevailing hues in the space if your room has a lot of patterned furniture or décor. If your home is more neutral, you may use patterned curtains to offer a pop of interest.

 3. Velvet for Opulent Elegance

Corner windows may be found in a formal or upmarket setting, such as a dining room or a deluxe bedroom. Consider indulging in the luxury of velvet drapes in such cases. Velvet has a luxuriant, rich texture that may impart a sense of luxury, and its insulating capabilities aid in temperature regulation. Deep jewel tones or traditional neutrals in velvet may create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

 4. Balancing Privacy and Aesthetics

In spaces where seclusion is important, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, you’ll want to strike a balance between beauty and utility. Combine transparent curtain panels with thicker, more opaque drapes or blinds to obtain this look.

Sheer curtains may be utilised to soften the overall effect and let some natural light in, while extra window treatments can be drawn for seclusion as necessary. The choice of curtain materials is critical here: pick a sheer fabric that complements your design and a more robust fabric, such as blackout curtains, for the required seclusion.

Curtains with Dual Functionality

Natural light is essential in a home office, but the excessive glare on displays may be distracting. Look for light-filtering drapes, such as sheer or semi-sheer alternatives. These materials will soften the incoming sunshine and improve the comfort of your office.

Consider utilising blackout curtains if your home office is in a room with a lot of natural light, such as a room with wide windows or a sunny corner. These textiles efficiently filter out light, allowing you to view your computer screen even in the brightest portions of the day.

Soundproof curtains might be a game changer whether you work in a noisy setting or have a home office in a high-traffic location. These specialised curtain textiles aid in noise reduction and the creation of a calmer, more focused workstation.

Some curtain materials have reflecting characteristics that might aid in the uniform distribution of natural light in your home office. To make the most of available light, look for textiles with a faint shine or metallic threads. Your home office should both represent and inspire you. Curtains with patterns, colours, or inspiring statements that reflect your work style and goals are a good option. Customised curtains may change your workstation into a motivating and productive environment.


Choosing the right curtain fabrics in your home office is not just about aesthetics but also functionality. It’s about creating a space that supports your work, enhances your comfort, and inspires your creativity. When selecting them for your home office, consider the unique needs of your workspace, such as lighting, privacy, and noise reduction. With the right fabric choices, you can make your home office a place where you can be your most productive and creative self.

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