Contemporary Country Home – A Transformation Style For Home

There was a time when the country home was considered synonymous with traditional settings. However, over a period of time, as Dawson Management explains, it has undergone a transformation, and we can now find various new versions of the same. Some of the interior designs also experiment with the interior, and they create a mix of modernity and country style home.

What Are The Features To Look Out For When It Comes To Designing A Country Home?

Contemporary Country Home
1. The Pattern

When it comes to choosing patterns for walls, then you can choose a floral and botanic motif. Geometric prints are also a good choice. You can create a focal point in the room by keeping the walls simple and experimenting with the design of curtains, or tiles on the splash back. You can add traditional floral motifs in the monochromatic pattern.

2. Texture

When we talk about contemporary country style homes, then one of the key features that you can notice is the rough texture. It will ooze a sense of naturalness in it. You might have noticed bare plaster, or bricks. These might look rugged and rough, but when blended with polished flooring look amazing. Coming to the texture, then you can add stubby linens to create a warm appeal.

3. Furniture

The furniture in the house plays a key role in defining what will the home look like. There are so many styles and options, and you can pick the one which matches the interiors of your place. When it comes to contemporary country homes, then you can go for classic pieces, metal and glazed cabinets, painted future, you can also create a mix of dark wood and painted furniture. It will create a striking appeal.

Contemporary Country Home

4. Color

The right choice of colors not only adds a sense of freshness in the room but at the same time, it will give the room a right look. If you are looking for giving your room a contemporary country home appeal, then you can choose from colors options like deep teal blue, blush pink, charcoal, mustard yellow. A mix of these colors will create a vibrant appeal. As we have mentioned above, that painted pieces also reflect country-style appeal; you can use zingy color to highlight the details of furniture, or else, you can also add accessories of the same color to create an eye-catching appeal.

5. Reuse

The idea of reuse and recycle has gained momentum these days, and it best matches the idea of recreating a country style home. With this, you not only save money but at the same time make a good gesture towards the environment. You can reuse old wooden boxes, tires etc. to create tables or seating’s. These not only look nice but also give a new and rustic appeal to your place. In case you are not sure about reusing, try hiring interior designers. They know how to use things to their best and make the room look stylish.

Contemporary Country Home

6. Venetian Blinds

You can experiment not with curtains but with superior quality Roman or Venetian blinds that will give the best durability to your home. You can go for both manual and motorized blinds.

Contemporary country homes look beautiful and warm. They don’t focus much on adding too many accessories and furnishing. With just basics and easily available stuff, you can give your place a country-style appeal. In case you are not planning to refurbish the entire stuff completely, you can do so by changing the colors and upgrading the upholstery.

Irrespective of the kind of home-style that you pick, it is important that it should offer a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Hence, it is best to hire the services of interior designer who will help you in achieving the desired level of creativity.

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