Advantages of Using Hurricane Windows Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a popular solution to protect homes from storm damage. They can save homeowners the headache of running to their local hardware store for plywood boards to nail over windows and doors before a storm hits.

However, there are many advantages to using impact windows over shutters, including energy efficiency, tax incentives, break-in protection, shade and light control, and more.

Using Hurricane Windows Shutters

Reduced Noise

If you live in a storm-prone location, shutters are crucial for securing your property. When a severe storm hits, debris can shatter windows and doors and cause expensive repairs. The best way to prevent this is by installing hurricane windows shutters.

Unlike plywood boards, which require you to run to the hardware store and nail them over your windows, impact-resistant window shutters allow for natural light and views without compromising your safety. They also offer peace of mind during a storm, as you won’t have to worry about making last-minute preparations.

You can choose from an accordion or rolling shutters, which have louvered panels that roll up and down over the opening of your windows. Both styles are easy to install and operate by a single person. If you sell, they can also enhance your house’s curb appeal and add value. Moreover, your insurance company may offer discounts if they know you have hurricane protection.

Increased Home Value

Hurricane windows offer peace of mind, break-in protection, and potentially lower insurance. Many homeowners install them in their homes for those reasons and more. Some also get tax incentives, making the investment even more worth it.

Hurricane shutters are an excellent option for lowering energy costs, especially in a warmer climate.

Potential buyers will value the fact that your home is storm-proof and are willing to pay a premium for a property with hurricane protection. Furthermore, if an inspector examines your window installation and determines that it fits Florida’s wind mitigation guidelines, you may be entitled to a premium decrease.

Reduced Insurance Costs

As a homeowner, your most significant asset is your home. Fortunately, you can protect your home and reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums by investing in hurricane shutters.

Accordion and clamshell shutters protect windows, doors, and glass surfaces during strong storms. All residences in Florida must protect every glass-containing door or window that opens to the outside.

Whether you opt for accordion or clamshell style hurricane shutters, you will find that they will add a charming island and southern aesthetic to your home, attracting prospective buyers. These beautiful windows will also provide a return on your investment and help increase your property’s overall value.

Peace of Mind

The investment is excellent for homeowners living in areas that often experience intense tropical storms and hurricanes.

Homeowners can choose between temporary or permanent shutters to suit their needs. Some shutters offer shade and light control, allowing residents to set their preferred amount of natural sunlight in their homes. This can reduce their air conditioning bills and help keep the interiors cooler.

Compared to plywood boards, which can be difficult to install at the last minute before a hurricane hits, hurricane windows provide an easy and convenient way to protect the home from damage. Furthermore, installing hurricane shutters can give homeowners a chance to get a reduction in their home insurance premiums as it shows insurers that they have taken the needed precautions to protect their property. This is an advantage for homeowners away on vacation or working during the storm season.

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