Restoring Hormonal Equilibrium: What Post-Cycle Therapy Is and What You Need To Do

People train vigorously to get the body they desire. But it is not just about eating lots of protein or calories or spending long hours in the gym. It always involves the assistance of drugs to enhance performance such as anabolic-androgenic steroids.

If you are thinking about using these drugs to enhance performance, you might be curious about the post cycle therapy (PCT). It is a pharmaceutical-based protocol followed by steroid takers. Since anabolic-androgenic steroids are synthetic, it interferes with the normal production of bodily hormones. Through post-cycle therapy, the person’s hormonal balance returns to its normal state so with estrogen and endogenous testosterone.

hormonal cycle - What Post-Cycle Therapy Is

The intake of steroids is not advisable, especially for usage that is not for medical purposes. However, it is necessary to share this information for prevention and keeping yourself safe when you are into bodybuilding and are taking anabolic steroids.

Steroids PCT involves suppression of the production of the hormones since synthetic anabolic hormones are introduced in your body. It is against medical advice to intake steroids consistently because of possible adverse reactions.

The technique of bodybuilders or sports people is the intake of steroids in cycles to avoid developing lenience to the drugs. Moreover, it permits the HPTA or the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis an adequate period to augment testosterone release. The only disadvantage is that this effect, which is unnatural to the body, causes a delay in the regular recovery of testosterone production. Besides that, you become susceptible to the loss of muscle mass and an upsurge in estrogen levels. There are more adverse reactions to steroids: exhaustion, regular change of mood, decreased sensuality, deeper voice register, bigger breasts, and retention of water to name a few. To alleviate these reactions, post-cycle therapy is necessary to assist in the restoration to regular testosterone production at the same time decreasing possible adverse effects.

Post-cycle therapy can assist in decreasing estrogen levels, attaining regular endogenous testosterone levels, and achieving hormonal balance.

Post-cycle therapy regulates the healing of hormonal levels and is an easy choice for steroid users. Those who do not undergo post-cycle therapy post steroid intake have difficulty restoring the hormonal balance. The muscle mass they have trained so intensely for will be lost without PCT.

After taking performance-enhancing drugs, you must wait for one week before undergoing post-cycle therapy. It would be best to ask the advice of a medical professional for the outline of your treatment.

Post-cycle therapy takes one month to one month and two weeks at least though it may last for several weeks more. The duration depends on the assessment of the Doctor to the individual undergoing the therapy.

There is a need to consider individual needs and health conditions, as well as the kind of steroids or drugs taken, the dosage, and the duration of intake. Since slow-release steroids entail a prolonged period to be ejected from the body’s system, the PCT could last for months.

There are drugs needed for the PCT protocol and they differ on a case-to-case basis. Sometimes OTC medications such as estrogen blockers and testosterone boosters are used, but they are weak compared to others. Usually, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators are administered to mitigate adverse reactions and regulate the production of estrogen after the PCT. Withdrawing from steroids can cause hormonal mayhem. With Post cycle therapy paired with the right drugs like SERMs, the harm caused to the physiology of the body can be diminished.

An example of SERMs is Clomid. The mechanism of action of Clomid: It aims for the estrogen receptors in the pituitary glands and hypothalamus to let loose of the fertility hormones and hormones responsible for healthy sperm production. Another SERM named Nolvadex decreases estrogen release and mitigates any complications caused by estrogen upsurge. These complications include cardiac and prostate disorders.

Another advantage of PCT is that it aids in reducing cortisol levels. PCT assists in protecting a person from unwanted and damaging post-cycle catabolism. This then helps prevent the significant loss of muscle mass and excess fat.

PCT is fundamental in the recovery process after steroid use. It restores hormonal equilibrium, prevents muscle mass loss, and mitigates health complications. Therefore, it is not something worth doubting. If you have taken steroids for a long, you should not ignore PCT. It is only for your benefit.

Along with PCT, there are also strategies that you can do to aid in the healing process and rebalancing of your hormonal levels.

First, always have adequate sleep. The quality of sleep impacts hormonal health.

Second, avoid screen time, especially at night. Artificial light affects the hormones and circadian rhythm.

Third, make time for de-stressing. Stress is a cause of many physio and psychological disorders and imbalances

Fourth, find time to exercise. Exercise helps regulate hormones.

Fifth, keep your sugar in check. Avoid food with high-sugar content that will affect your insulin levels. In other words, watch and choose what you eat.

Sixth, resolve for a healthy lifestyle. Avoid damaging habits such as alcoholism and smoking.

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