How to Start a Dream Journal: Reconnect With Your Subconscious

Have you ever had a great or strange dream and then forgotten it shortly after waking up? This is something that is hugely common and can be frustrating because dreams can not just be entertaining but actually provide rich, deep insight into your life. This is why so many people decide to start a dream journal that could improve your life in a few different ways.

How to Start a Dream Journal: Reconnect With Your Subconscious
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The Power of Dreams

We spend almost a third of our lives asleep and around two hours dreaming each night. These dreams can reveal insight from your subconscious and have a huge influence on how you feel and act each day. Dreams can help people to digest their emotions, provide the opportunity for unbound creativity (many artists find inspiration from their dreams) and can even provide survival functions by allowing people to “practice” reactions in unsafe experiences.

Logging Your Dreams

A dream journal would allow you to document the dreams that you have before they disappear from memory and this could change your life in many ways (as well as give you plenty of entertainment). When you log these dreams, you can look back through them and think about what they mean – this could help you to take positive action in your life or simply keep hold of the positive emotions that the dream brought you.

Getting Started

First, you need to buy a journal and keep it close to your bed whether this is on your bedside table or on the wardrobe in your bedroom. You then need to get into the habit of writing in the diary as soon as you wake and to include as much detail as possible – even if it does not make much sense now, you need to get as much detail down as possible including people, locations, objects, colours, sounds etc.

Comparisons to Daily Life

Once you start to log your dreams, you should then take the time to reflect on them and try to learn as much as you can. There might be clear correlations to your daily life and this could provide greater insight into your emotions and what actions you should take to improve your life.




You should also look out for patterns and common themes over the long term, which could reveal deeper insights into your life. Sometimes this might be obvious such as there being someone in your life that is often in your dreams, but sometimes it might be something more abstract, such as an animal or object that is recurrent. In these cases, you can research and join online communities to discover what it might mean (there are lots of interesting theories!).

Starting a dream journal can be fascinating and also help you to learn more about yourself and improve your life in many ways.

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