Health Benefits of Organic Hemp Fabric

Hemp fabric has been found in tombs dating back to 5000 BC and was traditionally grown for its durable and versatile fiber all over the world. This plant and its products dominated shipping industry for hundreds of years. Due to its strength and great abrasion resistance hemp fiber was used to make sails, ropes and rigging. Wet hemp fiber is even more resistant. Likewise, hemp fabric is highly resistant to bacteria, salt water, sunlight, mold, chemicals and abrasion. It is especially known for its durability in salty wet and dry conditions. Hemp fiber can also withstand changing temperatures without losing its physical and esthetical properties. Ancient people knew that textiles, carpets and rugs made of a combination with wool weft and hemp warp become mothproof. Hemp fabric is also anti-static as most natural fabrics are. In this article you will health benefits of organic hemp fabric.

Moisture Absorbency & Antibacterial Properties

health benefits of hemp fabric
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Hemp fiber is much more durable than synthetic fibers and should replace harmful synthetic plastic fibers in the near future. Its stem fibers are the longest natural soft fibers in the world. Hemp is practically identical to flax in physical and chemical properties and both are regarded as “golden fibers”. Hemp plant grows fast and requires very little of water and no pesticides to flourish. This plant is an ideal renewable source of material for many industries for many years. Hemp fabric protects from bacteria, fungus and insects. Hemp fabric gains its popularity in medical sphere as it bears antibacterial properties, is chemical resistant and hypo-allergic.

Besides, hemp fiber becomes more and more popular not only in workout gear but also in medical outfits. It’s antibacterial qualities been recognized by some companies that produce medical garments. Such attire would help fighting infections and bacteria spreads. Hemp fabric is a perfect replacement for traditional cotton and polyester fabrics in which bacteria can survive for months. It is worth mentioning that hemp textile can do anything what latex does. Indeed, hemp material is better than latex  because if does not cause allergic reactions.

Natural hemp fiber has antibacterial qualities that help against wide range of pathogenic bacteria. Wearing hemp during rain will not make your garment smell funky because hemp plant is naturally anti-mildew, antifungal and antimicrobial. Another important health benefit is that hemp fibers absorb the moisture released by the body and let it dry quickly.

Because of its absorbency and breathability hemp fiber is highly used in hygienic inserts/cloth pads and diapers. Hemp blended cotton is capable of absorbing and holding up to three times more liquid than cotton fabric alone. Hemp’s fiber molecule has a shaft-like structure that allows it to wick moisture right off the body. Indeed, Hemp fabric breathes better than any other plant fibers. Diapers containing hemp fiber keep baby skin cool, dry, irritation and infection free. Hemp fleece is thicker, stronger, softer and more porous than cotton fleece making it desirable material for cloth pads, especially washable pads.

Organic Hemp Fabric Warms and Cools

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Mara Hoffman hemp dress

Natural hemp material regulates temperature and acts as insulator. In hot weather conditions it absorbs the heat and releases it when gets cooler. Indeed, in cold conditions hemp garments are four times warmer than cotton. In cooler conditions the air trapped in fibers is warmed by the body making hemp garment naturally warm. Items made of organic hemp fabric stay fresh and odor free much longer. This natural fiber high heat conductivity, moisture absorbency and resistance makes it a perfect fabric for pleasant and long lasting clothes. Although the more hemp material is washed the softer it gets, but it still maintains its glossy surface. Important to note that natural hemp fabrics do not shrink after many washes.

Organic Hemp Fabric Blocks UV Rays

Ultraviolet light does not affect hemp fabric so it will not fade or decay in sunny conditions. It was found that hemp textile blocks 50 percent more ultraviolet rays than cotton. This natural fiber is especially good at filtering ultraviolet-B rays that are known causing skin aging and encourage skin cancer. Interestingly, if a textile is 50% blend of hemp only it still provides the same level of shield against harmful ultraviolet rays. Because of its ability to screen out UV rays and absorb dyes, hemp fabric is less vulnerable to fading than cotton fabrics are.

Chemical Free & Environment Friendly Fabric

health benefits of hemp fabric
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Organic hemp fabric is perfect for those who have skin sensitive to chemicals. The fact that hemp plant does not require any pesticides, insecticides or fungicides to grow, makes it most natural, healthy and eco-friendly plant. Cultivated without chemicals and synthetic fertilizers hemp awards us with healthy high quality fibers. Moreover hemp fiber does not have toxic residues so it prevents of itchy skin, alleviates allergies and is non-irritating to skin. Patients recovering from chemotherapy find relief in wearing soft clothes and using comfortable linen made from organic hemp.

Hemp fabrics dye very effectively and retain their color well over time, it need less chemicals to color and does not release toxins when worn.

This natural fabric is fully biodegradable unlike synthetic fibers. Hemp crops tend to improve soil’s nutritional value and protect it from erosion. Hemp breaks down pollutants and stabilizes metal contaminants and acts as a protective filter. Absolutely nothing is wasted in the production process of hemp (stems, seeds, leaves, blooms) and it grows very fast with very little water need (10-13 inches of water to grow in three-four months).

Organic Hemp Fabric is Enriched with Cannabinoids

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Haptic Path/Hemp Fashion

The most abundant cannabinoid in hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) plant is CBD. This naturally occurring compound has a vast list of health benefits to human body. For your interest, our body has an endocannabinoid system that affects our brain, nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and improves bone, skin and other body tissues. The truth is, cannabinoid CBD perfectly coheres with certain receptors in our endocannabinoid system and shows stunning results not only in healing minor sick conditions but also in fighting chronic and oncologic deceases.

In 2017 it was found that cannabinoids can be used to heal inflammation and even can be beneficial in certain types of cancer. It was also found that that cannabinoids play an important role in reducing inflammation processes in HIV-infected patients. CBD is well known to prevent pain and nerve damage. Furthermore, cannabinoid products have the potential to treat a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and skin cancer. Cannabinoids have collagen promoting properties. To be honest, CBD and its health benefits should be a separate broad topic to talk.

In conclusion, organic hemp fabric is chemical free, naturally enriched with useful compounds, bears antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp textile is excellent for outdoor wear as it is highly absorbent with the ability to resist mold and protect from UV rays. It acts as a perfect natural conditioner letting fresh airflow between skin and material. Organic hemp fabric great natural fabric to wear and to use. Besides, you can enjoy a list of health benefits of hemp fabric.  Hemp fiber products age gracefully and blend with other natural fibers very well making such applications almost endless. Wearing natural organic hemp clothes is one the best thing you can do to yourself and environment.

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