7 Best Items for Your Cannabis Gift Box

The number of cannabis enthusiasts is growing like never before which makes a cannabis gift box the perfect gift. Not only will this type of gift come as a great surprise to a dear friend or family member, but they’ll be able to elevate their cannabis experience to a whole new level.

cannabis gift box


The market offers an ever-growing list of cannabis products as well as many ways to consume them. This is why keeping all of the cannabis essentials in a single secure spot can get a little complicated. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the best items for a proper cannabis gift box for the hazy pleasure of your close ones.

A Variety of Great Strains

Of course, the very first thing that you will put in a weed stash box is the actual stash. No matter if it’s concentrate, bud, or relaxing indicas, your main goal should be to keep it protected in a sealed bag or an airtight container. Since concentrate can be rather oily, keeping it separate is essential.

Our top advice is to have separate containers or sealable bags for different strains to not get them mixed up. A great option is also to have a ceramic storage jar with a tight lid as it provides extra protection.

Rolling Papers and Grinder

cannabis gift box


A cannabis gift box is not the real deal if it doesn’t contain rolling papers. That is why you should make sure to load up on papers but also include some cones and crutches, or filters if you’re health-conscious. All of these items are key to creating the perfectly-rolled joint.

Grinding Tools

If you want the person receiving the gift to get the best of their stash, invest in a top-quality grinder.

Most people don’t like to have chunky weed in their bongs or pipes and smoking a joint without previously finely ground weed that allows airflow is nearly impossible. So make sure to add a grinder to the cannabis gift box so that quality weed doesn’t go to waste. Opt for a heavy-duty portable device that has a sturdy action. The best material is usually stainless steel.


You should also consider placing a reliable petrol lighter that can ignite the joint. Some of the coolest lighters are powered by electricity today. They are also windproof as electric arc creates heat. These lighters are excellent as they are charged through their USB ports and can last weeks on end. However, you can also put a full-size classic lighter just in case.

If the cannabis gift box is intended for a special occasion, you can include a cigar or two to make that impressive blunt.

Rolling Tray and Ashtray

When a person deals with a fresh herb, they must be careful as to how they roll it up. There are many situations when tiny pieces of crumbled buds are left stuck in tiny cracks of tables and rolling trays are the perfect solution to counter this effect. They’re a perfect cannabis gift box accessory but also very easy to carry around as they allow a person to keep all their weed rolling-related items in one place while keeping the rolling areas spotless.

Once everything is rolled up, the cannabis enjoyer will also need something for the ash. Ashtrays make the entire weed-smoking experience more hygienic but they can also play an aesthetically-pleasing role. To enhance the enjoyment, make sure to add an ashtray to the cannabis gift box and you can even add a personal touch to it by etching something meaningful.

Dabbing Tools

Another great tool that you might want to include in the stash box is a dabber which is a portable device. There are striking and artistic dabbers nowadays and placing one in the stash kit can save the person receiving the kit trying to find an alternative if the need arises.

Vape Pen

cannabis vape


Adding a vape pen to the cannabis gift box will make the person receiving the gift always ready for action. There have been great improvements to the design of portable vape pens and devices and no cannabis user should be left without one. Our top advice is to choose quality and spend extra cash on a device that features good temperature controls and a strong long-lasting battery.

Final Thoughts

The greatest thing about a weed stash box is that will keep everything together in one place and it’s the ultimate surprise when gifting it to someone close to you who is a true weed fanatic. Make sure to choose a sturdy container and one that is airtight and watertight so that all items inside are kept in good condition at all times.

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