3 Types of Holistic Medicine for Seniors

What is holistic medicine?

Types of Holistic Medicine for Seniors

While the modern Western world is designed to treat symptoms of illness, disease, and injury with Western medicine, some types of medicine can be found outside of conventional treatments.

Of course, the scientific progress we’ve made in the world of healthcare over the last century is certainly nothing to sniff at, there do exist many alternative forms of treatment that you may find beneficial for your situation and lifestyle.

What types of holistic medicine are there, and how can these unique treatments help keep you happy and healthy in your golden years? Let’s take a closer look.

3 Osteopathic Medicine

As the name suggests, osteopathic medicine focuses primarily on ailments of the skeletal and muscular system. The general belief is that your musculoskeletal system has a natural effect on the rest of your body’s vital systems. This means that osteopathic healers believe that if there are ongoing issues with your musculoskeletal system, then there will be issues with your overall health as well.

Those who practice osteopathic medicine, like chiropractors or physical trainers, often opt to rely on a combination of osteopathic and conventional medicinal treatment to help you with what ails you.

2 Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine

Integrative medicine is a type of holistic medicine that heavily relies on treatment methods known as CAM methods (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) to help you treat and manage overall health.

These CAM methods, which often include practices such as acupuncture, self-care, and managed diet, are used in tandem with conventional medicinal treatments.

Naturopathic medicine is a similar form of holistic medicine which relies on a combination of integrative, conventional, and natural remedies to help you manage your health. Many herbal supplements and relaxation-focused treatments fall under this category.

1 Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is derived from an ancient form of Indian medicine, known as Ayurveda, which relies on correcting health issues through awareness and mindfulness and encouraging patients to balance their “doshas” or life energies. Often, this includes practices such as meditation, herbal remedy, diet, and changes in lifestyle.

The term “Ayurveda” is a Sanskrit term meaning “knowledge of life”. In most cases, Ayurvedic medicine patients are encouraged to utilize conventional medicine alongside this type of holistic treatment.

Always Consult Your Doctor or Physician When Considering Holistic Medicine

Though certain forms of holistic medicine are believed to help you maintain a positive attitude and outlook while offering ways to keep you aware and aligned with your body’s physical needs, it should not be considered a replacement for conventional medicine.

Types of Holistic Medicine for Seniors

For seniors, holistic approaches to healthcare can be extremely beneficial in keeping you in a positive mindset while experiencing the natural effects of aging. Additionally, be aware that holistic medicine can take many forms.

For example, if you live in a senior living or retirement community, holistic medicine for seniors may come in the form of encouraging increased activity and mobility. Many retirement communities and long-term care facilities for seniors now offer teaching classes in qigong, tai chi, and yoga, as well as massage therapy for extra relaxation.

Many seniors also supplement their current medications with vitamins and herbal supplements. This form of holistic medicine for seniors has been popular for a long time, and may help you keep many health issues at bay.

Before jumping right into a holistic medicine routine, everyone should be aware that certain treatments, medicines, or supplements may not be right for you or may even be harmful to your health. For this reason,

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