What’s the Difference Between Slides and Mules?

Mules and slides have made a major reappearance in recent years. But how do you tell the difference between these two pairs of shoes?

To start with the fundamentals: mules and slides are both backless shoes. That is, none of them has the section of the shoe that wraps around the heel, which makes it easier to slip your foot into the shoe. It is for this reason that slides are referred to as “slides.” Because neither is a totally closed shoe, many people may mistakenly classify them as sandals; nonetheless, mules and slides are distinguished by the area of the foot that is exposed.

mules and sliders
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The most significant distinction between slides and mules is that slides have open toes, whereas mules have not.

The difference in structure between slides and mules is that slides are regarded more casual shoes, whilst mules can be worn to more formal situations. However, this does not imply that slides, which are readily mistaken for slippers, are only appropriate for casual occasions, or that mules cannot be comfortable enough to be worn on a daily basis. In fact, comfort is the primary reason why people choose to wear mules and slides in the first place – mules were widely found in dressing rooms and boudoirs in 17th century Europe, for example.

Mules are designed to be comfortable

Mules have had a revival on fashion week catwalks in recent years, and Elle magazine has dubbed them “the shoe of 2017.” Mule designs have established the shoe as a flexible style symbol that men and women can wear on fancy evenings out and in the office.

Shoes with round or pointy toes, different shapes, and different materials are all options for mules and slides in a variety of design styles to choose from. Mules used to be typically frilly and made of satin or fur when they were primarily inside shoes, but that has changed. The marabou mule of the 1950s, made popular by Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Hollywood films, was a pink mule with short heels that was covered in feathers and decorated with beads.

When it was designed as an outdoor shoe, mules made of leather, felt, and suede became more fashionable. In addition to the sleek, sexy black hue of the leather mule, there are three shades of suede mules to choose from: caramel, a creamy tan; light, soft off-white; and truffle, a rich olive green. The leather mules are made of full-grain leather and are available in two sizes.

Both mules and slides are appropriate for both men and women. In the 1880s, the Albert was widely regarded as the most popular indoor men’s shoe in the United Kingdom. Many fashion-forward risk-takers have redefined their style just to get a chance to wear mules shoes for men, despite the fact that they are generally considered inappropriate for the office and as formal wear. However, designers have created mules shoes men’s selections that look so sleek and luxurious that many fashion-forward risk-takers have redefined their style just to get a chance to wear them. Seeing men in mules at parties or on a date is not out of the ordinary.

There are some designer mules shoes for men that are genuinely unisex and have been worn by both men and women in the past.

mules and sliders
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Slips on and off like a sporty slip-on shoe

Slides, on the other hand, have become popular among males due to the fact that they were originally designed as sportswear. The first pleasant footbed inserts were created by shoe makers, and these were later developed into actual shoes by attaching a strap over the simple molded footbed. This straightforward design was originally intended to be worn as “gymnastic shoes,” which were meant to be worn while strolling from the locker area to the gym mat. Outside of the gym, the slide has become increasingly fashionable as casual clothing.

After that, a rubberized version of this slide sandal was created for swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts to use. The poolside slip-ons are also worn while getting out of the pool after a session in it. They were also spotted at the beach, and their popularity grew to the point where they were eventually seen everywhere.

In fact, even after the summer season was over, slider aficionados would adapt to the changing conditions by pairing their shoes with socks – a behavior that was widely detested until they made an appearance on fashion runways in 2017. In the event that you must wear socks with your slides, take a hint from fashion week and opt for crew-length socks in darker hues instead. Never wear white socks with brown slides. Ideally, they should be brand new.

Due to the ease with which slides for men may be developed and designed as athletics, they are arguably even more popular than men’s mules footwear. Slides shoes for men that were used for sports became popular in the middle of 2019, and the installation of big logos of high-fashion companies on the slides’ straps elevated the shoes to the status of a statement item.

Slides shoes for women are no longer limited to being sports shoes. They have also made their way onto the fashion catwalk. If the designer wants to cover as much of the foot as possible while still showing off your toes, slides can be used instead of a simple strap over the top of the foot.

Slides shoes for women, like mules, can have heels of varying heights, ranging from little cat heels to high stilettos and beyond. Flat mules, on the other hand, are the fashion trend of the year, and they have been seen on fashion runways to accent the year’s major fashion trends. Or, more accurately, fashion trends characterized by “big-ness”: giant shirts, billowy sleeves, vibrant pastels in obscene quantities, shockingly massive patterns, and so on. When you’re wearing large-scale elements on your body, you need a shoe that isn’t too distracting from the overall effect of the outfit. Flat mules accomplish this and offer a classy form that even gives a touch of elegance to the whole look by themselves.

Consider wearing cropped pants to reveal your ankles and make your legs appear longer, as it would be horrible to hide them.

Last but not least, flat mules and slides shoes combine glam with comfort, which is why they are still bestsellers and must-haves three years after mules were dubbed the shoe of the year 2021. We believe they will be around for an even longer period of time.

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