What The Colour Of Your Sneakers Says About You!

At one time all sneakers came in either black or white, and were simply worn to play various sports. Now sneakers have grown to be much more than sportswear, they are a fashion statement that reflects our inner selves in a rainbow of colours and designs! There is even a section of the population called “Sneakerheads” that are so fiercely devoted to these ubiquitous shoes they are willing to spend thousands of dollars to obtain special limited edition collector’s releases from famous brands!

Some of the most popular sneakers are made by industry titan Nike, such as the perennially popular Air Jordans that were first introduced in the 1980s and are even more in demand now than ever! There is a belief that the colour of the sneakers you wear says something about you as well as your sport of choice, so let’s explore this concept further! Join us now on a voyage of self-discovery across the colour spectrum!


So if you wear shoes that are coloured-

Black – This has been the standby shoe colour since the riding boot was invented sometime back in medieval days. Black sneakers denote authority and power, they are official and responsible-looking. Rough and ready rugby players love them and there is a belief that getting kicked with a pair of black sneakers hurts more than any other colour.

White – Another shoe classic, in the old days white shoes denoted a genteel, refined nature, and this also holds true for sneakers. White has a sense of purity about white, a noble colour for a noble cause. Tennis players seem to prefer them, possibly based on the historic upper-class connotations of the game, they have a prim and proper look about them, don’t they? More tea?

Blue – One of the first alternative colours produced by early sneaker makers, blue denotes trustworthiness and a stalwart heart, good old true blue is a colour that never runs. Blue is a popular colour for boating sneakers, the shade naturally lends a nautical feel to one’s appearance. They also have a martial air that a maritime captain will appreciate. Anchors aweigh!

Green – The colour of the leaves and grass, green invokes a pastoral feeling of tranquillity. Golfers love green, and it’s the perfect camouflage for walking the links, plus it won’t show any grass stains! Fore!

Puce – You may have heard of this colour, but we bet you don’t actually know what it looks like. No one does, we don’t think it’s even a real colour, but if your shoes are puce you should probably wash them with bleach.

Red – Vibrant! Bright! Bloody! Red is full of life and energy, and people who wear red sneakers are as well, they want to be seen! Only the bold wear red, and considering the aggression the colour connotes, an opposing player wearing red sneakers might make you see red when they foul you on the pitch, but the bloody nose you give them won’t stain their shoes!

Orange – Do they even make these? Weird old role-playing game aficionados might like them.

Well, there you have it, there are more colours, but we are out of time, so just make up your own!

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