Tips To Keep Your Luxury Watch In Good Shape

The luxury watch market has a huge global presence. Worldwide revenue in this market segment amounts to $48.38bn in 2023, with the market expected to grow annually by 2.38%. It was reported that after lockdown, luxury watch sales surged as the UK went on a spending spree with the money that’d been saved during this period. This surge was partly linked to the increase in celebratory events, such as weddings. Plus, with travelling still up in the air during this period, many people were spending their disposable income on material goods.

A luxury watch is a special investment, so it’s understandable that you’d want to take care of it. Regular maintenance means you can keep your timepiece in top condition, while helping to retain its value. While many people own a luxury watch, not everyone knows how to care for it correctly. Here’s how to get started.

caring of luxury watch

How can you keep your watch in good shape?

Go for a reputable brand: Choosing a luxury watch from a reliable brand such as TAG Heuer in the first place means you can make the investment with confidence, knowing that it will be functioning correctly after being expertly crafted.

Clean it regularly: Be sure to pay close attention to the care instructions that come with your watch, as each set will vary slightly. Cleaning it incorrectly could cause more damage than you might expect. You’ll typically be instructed to use soap and water if your watch is waterproof, however you may just be required to wipe it down regularly using a clean cloth.

Store it properly: Instead of leaving your watch out on the side when it isn’t in use, make the effort to store it away properly. Ideally, you’ll still have the box, which means it can be stored correctly and protected from dust particles. Leaving your watch face-down could also mean that the surface becomes scratched over time, which nobody wants.

Avoid direct sunlight: Unfortunately, exposure to sunlight can cause watch straps to fade. Perhaps more seriously, batteries can overheat in particularly hot conditions, so it may be best to keep wear to a minimum during the summertime, or if you go on holiday. Maybe save it for the evening instead.

Avoid exposure to cold temperatures: While extreme heat can damage your luxury watch, so too can extremely cold temperatures. The accuracy of watches can be impacted due to the mechanical components being affected. Metal expands and contracts, so extreme temperatures of all kinds are worth avoiding.

Protect it against magnetism: Most electrical components emit magnetic fields. Prolonged exposure of your luxury watch against these magnetic fields, whether from your smartphone or another household appliance, can impact the accuracy of the watch. Prevent this by avoiding putting your watch next to these appliances.

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