The Best of Arabian Perfumes in Dubai

Arabic perfume, known for its powerful aromatic scent, is an important aspect of UAE culture. Many customers favour the aromatic oils of oud, sandalwood, and other related aromas from the Gulf over milder, citrusy scents from Europe and Asia. Oil diffuser has a special fragrance and persistent smell, so it is especially popular.

The Best of Arabian Perfumes in Dubai

Faces (Wojooh)

Faces (Wojooh) is a one-of-a-kind brand umbrella that sells perfumes by well-known brands like Burberry, Lancome, Cartier, and others. Faces are the epicenter of self-care and pleasure, offering everything from skincare to beauty items to perfumes.


Ghawali is the next site on our list of the top Arabian perfume shops in Dubai, taking its name from the Arabic word Ghalia, which means “valuable.” Bestsellers in this category include Al Abiq, Al Azal, Al Barez, and Al Atahl Perfume.  The 75ml Al Abiq Perfume, priced at AED 745, emits warm flavours of Taif rose and cloves with such a touch of sandalwood and amber, enhancing its sensory effect. Another client favourite is the Al Barez Perfume Oud, which costs AED 990 and has flowery notes of violet and jasmine.


The authorized trademark BRAND for Oud, the natural miraculous smell, the black gold of the natural forest, is OudMiracle®. Our BRAND “OudMiracle” sells Oud with a guarantee that every item has a wonderful fragrance. Nevertheless, because they are natural items harvested from natural woods, we cannot guarantee that they will all smell the same.

Swiss Arabian

Swiss Arabian is the ideal spot to go deep into traditional women when it comes to Arabian perfumes. It is a well-known local brand that works in over 80 countries, has been one of the earliest perfume makers in the UAE

What is the reality about perfume testers?

There are so many different points of view and thoughts on the matter that we could write a book just listing them all. The aroma of Tester perfumes is identical to that of the original. Tester perfumes are often packaged in a white or brown container with a “Tester Perfume” label. Tester perfumes may arrive with or without a cap, depending on how the manufacturer originally made it. Tester perfumes are samples of perfume provided to perfume retailers so that buyers can try them. These may be found practically anywhere in the world. However, some Dubai shopkeepers distribute these samples. Because these fragrances come in little brown boxes, they cannot be given as presents. But, these are, in our view, neither original nor extremely old overstocked fragrances.

Every tester is as long as a bottle of perfume. The endurance of fragrances and Tester perfumes is the same; however, it is heavily dependent on how they are preserved. You will notice a difference in the durability of both if you store an authentic perfume and tester in your handbag without caps for more than a month. It’s because liquid perfume effloresces when not properly stored, resulting in a loss of scent strength. But, it is essential to emphasize that both types of perfume goods are created in the same location that uses the same perfume formulation of perfumers, even in similar vials.

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