Plus Size Women Share Their Advice on Wearing a Dress

As society slowly welcomes the body positive movement, plus size women everywhere are becoming more confident in their clothing. Maggie Judge is a great example of a plus size model  who has embraced all her curves and uses her body to inspire others.

Finally we are seeing giants leaps forward. The fashion industry is becoming more accepting of all shapes and sizes and major labels are starting to offer extended sizing options.

So, with this empowering movement, here are a few tips that can aid women across the world when trying on new dresses.

Pick the Right Size

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Image: Pexels

The most important piece of advice for any woman is to understand what their actual size and shape is. Ill-fitting garments are very unflattering. Try to find the proper size that hugs your body in all the right places without being too snug. You can use a body shape calculator to identify your body shape.

But remember to use your size as a guide and not as a rule for every dress or brand you consider. Don’t be afraid to upsize or downsize. The key is to pick a dress that emphasizes your shape while also being very comfortable.

Have Your Dress Tailored

If you find a dress you like but there’s a part that just doesn’t fit right, stylist to the stars Susan Moses recommends getting it tailored. No two bodies are exactly the same so what fits perfectly on your friend might not be great on you. For instance, women who are heavy on the bottom typically have to get the shoulder section of a dress adjusted to enable them to flaunt their triangle shape.

Invest in Well-fitting Undergarments

Another bit of advice from Moses is to invest in good shapewear and undergarments because they can smooth out some of your curves. Though they aren’t for everyone, shapewear can give plus size women an extra confidence boost.

Play with Fabrics

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While monochromatic tones do have a slimming effect, curvy women can and should try out different colors or fabrics! The top dress picks on Seventeen Magazine include fun sundresses that come in bright colors, pastels, patterns, textures, and prints. You can stick with one shade or play with color blocking to really channel your creativity. When it comes to prints, look for dresses that have enough spacing in between prints so it doesn’t seem that there’s too much going on at once.

Play Around with Cuts

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Don’t be afraid to try out different cuts, too. The dresses on Woman Within come in different trims and styles, from maxi and midis to evening dresses. There’s always a perfect dress for every occasion and it doesn’t just have to be that LBD you rely on so often.

Create a Slim Waist

plus size women
Image: Ashley Graham Facebook

Famous plus size model Ashley Graham abides by this rule saying, “Creating a waist is key.” She definitely has an enviable hourglass figure, a look that can be achieved with a few styling tricks.

Aside from sporting crossbody dresses, you can try adding a belt and pair it with a push-up bra. This gives it that beautiful cinched look without having to wear a corset. Also look for wrap dresses that come with a waistband.

While it is our belief that you can wear whatever you desire, there’s no harm in providing some useful styling tips that add confidence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own style until to come up with a signature look you’re proud of!

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