Pick certified lab grown diamonds from Friendly Diamonds online collection

Friendly Diamonds strive to make jewelry that is not only beautiful but also kind to the environment.

To ensure that our consumers are completely at ease with the morals of our jewelry, we are dedicated to using Lab Grown Diamonds.

The key arguments in favor of choosing lab-grown diamonds over natural ones can be found in this blog.

Friendly Diamonds

The physical, chemical and visual properties of lab-grown diamonds are identical to those of naturally mined diamonds. The similarities between mined and lab-created diamonds are so great that it is nearly impossible to distinguish between them, even with a jeweler loupe.

In fact, if you were to evaluate them with special equipment, which is the only practical method to tell lab-grown diamonds from those that are mined, you will find almost no difference.

It is crucial that jewelry manufactured with lab-grown man-made diamonds has its own certification designating it as such. It could be the elegant yet brilliant oval cut lab diamonds or emerald cut lab diamonds.

You can moreover choose this gorgeous diamond cut on engagement rings like the appealingTwisted Vine Diamond Ring from the Friendly Diamond inventory.

Lab-grown diamonds are not only fully conflict-free but also quite affordable. Natural diamonds of the same grade and size cost way more than lab-created diamonds.

Hence, if you are looking for the ideal diamond for your engagement ring, choose a diamond shape of choice like a Princess Lab Diamond or Marquise whichever you deem worthy from the Friendly Diamonds online collection.

These lab diamonds might cost up to 30% less than normally mined diamonds.

However, there are a few reasons for this. Because fewer hands are involved in the production of a lab-created diamond than in mining, it is more economical.

Since lab-grown diamonds are more reasonably priced than natural diamonds of equivalent size and quality, they provide excellent value.

Thankfully, lab-grown diamonds are produced without the need for mining, which results in shorter supply chains and cheaper costs than those of mined diamonds.

Therefore, owning and purchasing an exquisite round cut lab diamond from Friendly Diamonds is perhaps an incredible decision for both the environment and your pocket.

So if someone wishes to include Friendly Diamonds for their jewelry needs, perhaps those dazzling round cut lab diamonds perched on the eternity ring set in a common shared prong setting that run throughout the band is the best option.

Further, we are all aware of the moral, ethical, and environmental issues surrounding diamond mining. When compared to lab-grown diamonds, there is thought to be one yearly injury connected to diamond mining for every 1,000 employees.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing practices are used to create lab-grown diamonds because that is where they are created. The overall quality of a lab-grown diamond, like that of a mined diamond, is based on the 4Cs and is rated appropriately.

Research is necessary to verify that your lab diamond purchase will be accompanied with a reliable and independent laboratory report because not all studies on lab-grown diamonds are created equally.

The quality and authenticity of each lab-grown diamond offered by Friendly Diamonds are of the greatest significance. This company takes pride in its environmentally responsible practices and conflict-free lab-created diamonds.

Friendly Diamonds is a US-based online lab diamond company that offers gleaming stones that are sure to enchant you. Finally, all of your jewelry is expertly made with a gorgeous selection of Create Your Own alternatives and skilled gemologists.

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