How Venetian Masks Restored the Tradition in Venice?

Venice is the city of masks, and there is no better place in the world to buy one. There are many reasons why Venetian masks have become such an important symbol of the city. The Venetian Carnival is also a significant contributor as it made the mask a must-have for any occasion.

Venetian masks

Traditional Decoration of the Venetian Mask

We can relive those authentic, old-world traditions. Each mask is individually handcrafted in Venice by master artisans who have been creating and designing masks for generations. Traditionally worn at the Venice Carnival, Venetian masks are authentic art pieces! These masks are adorned with handmade lacework, trying to recreate that elaborate mixture between luxury, passion, and secrecy.

The traditional Venetian mask is made with a base of paper Mache and then painted in a brilliant palette of colors and typically decorated in gold or silver leaf. The masks are all handmade. The base is hand-molded and then dried to create a consistent shape. After the initial drying process, the mask is sanded until smooth and ready to paint. The distinctive features of each mask are penciled in first, then painted on using a series of watercolor brushes, the smallest being pointed and just a few millimeters across at its tip.

Various Styles of the Venice Mask

The costume masks of Venice are made famous for their elegant designs. Comprising a form that fits the eyes and nose, the stylized decorations often utilize natural designs, such as animal forms or leaves. Bold or subtle, classic or contemporary, each mask design is a work of art and sparks an imagination to behold.

Removes Social Discrimination

A mask would make it possible to hide one’s social status and profession so that people could mingle without being recognized easily by their peers. Rich and poor alike used to wear masks on the streets of Venice all year round, not only during carnival season: they protected their identity while enjoying themselves.

Venetian masks offer the wearer a chance to experiment with different personalities, thus effectively hiding behind a mask.

When the question came, what is the significance of masks in Venice? Why have people been practicing this activity for the last few centuries? The answer lies in the fact that the people are willing to mask their emotions and identity. For which they are wearing this mask. The wearer’s emotions, be it jealousy, fury, or other such emotions like pain and happiness which you are not willing to share with anyone, will be masked by these appealing and beautiful masks.

So, if I have to answer the question of what is significant about masks in Venice? In as few words as I can, I would say that the wearer doesn’t want to reveal his identity if he is involved in any activity. Plus, it makes the emotional expression of the person unclear.

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