How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Do you have any Australian made clothing in your house? You must have realized that the retail industry is shifting to old and new fashion trends. It means that your old clothes can be part of the latest trends again. Your old jacket or jeans can still be usable in the new era. It all goes back to whether it’s still in good condition or not.

Clothes have a long lifespan if you can preserve them well. If you buy quality clothes from quality brands and learn how to maintain them well, they can last for long. Let’s look at the different approaches that will make your clothes stay for long.

your clothes

Don’t over-wash

It’s not advisable to always drop your clothes in the laundry bin after every use. The constant washing of the clothes results in fabric wear and tear. It makes them shrink, fade and get discarded. Apart from having quality washing machines, learn to recycle clothes. Do it twice or thrice before you wash, provided they don’t show the dirt on them.

Always remember to wash your clothes before you store them at the end of the season. The habit will prevent the hidden marks and stains from surfacing.

Hang or fold properly

Depending on your closet design or size, you have the option of either hanging or folding them. If you decide to fold clothes, reduce cramming everything. Give some space to prevent further creases and wrinkles on your clothes. If you choose to hang them, then buy suitable hangers that fit your garbs well. You will be able to avoid the hanger marks on your clothes.

Understand which clothes need folding or hanging. Details like collars, zippers, buttons and shirt style can help you know whether to hang or fold the cloth.

Knits and T-shirts can stretch out to lose shape if you keep them on hangers. Fold them well and keep them on shelves or drawers. For the delicate blouses, you can decide to hang them on padded hangers or fold them. Fold off the shoulder tops and the clothes with details or lace around the shoulders.

Understand the cloth tags

Have you seen the tiny labels on your garbs? They are there for a purpose. They have important information on how you can take care of your clothing. You have to understand the different symbols on the labels. The symbols talk about washing, drying, and ironing your clothes.

Limit dry cleaning

It’s a common fact that your delicate clothes may need dry cleaning. Though it’s a helpful process, it’s also bad on your fabric because of the chemicals used in the process. Modern technology and innovation have made it easy to wash delicate clothes. The home machines will help in minimizing your expenses. You need to be keen to avoid any rough or vigorous cycles to help your clothes be in tip-top shape.

Dryers speed up the washing process, but also, they wear out your clothes faster. Laying your clothes flat on drying racks will help them maintain their shape. You should never throw clothes like swimsuits and bras in a dryer.

Put away your clothes immediately

When you are through with drying your clothes on a dryer or a drying rack, hang them or fold them away quickly. You will be able to limit wrinkles and any potential mildew when you leave clothes in the dryer.


Not all fabrics can last long to hand over to the younger generation for use. Still, being a little bit more careful with the fabric care will make them stay longer. If you follow the above simple tips, you will save more money on replacing worn-out clothes.

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