How to Dress Goth? 5 Cute Gothic Outfit Ideas

Fashion is constantly evolving and new trends are emerging on runways, red carpets and streets. A clothing style that has always been on the rise is gothic fashion. This diverse and unique trend has become the go-to fashion choice for many style icons and celebrities who want to spice up their personal styles from time to time.

In general, the gothic clothing style is marked by dark colors, velvety and lace garments and spooky accessories, especially when talking about goth fashion for men. Goths combine them in different ways to create unusual, yet appealing gothic outfits that deviate from the mainstream trends.

However, the great thing about this clothing style is that you don’t need the spikes and chains to be gothic. In fact, there are other tricks you can do to achieve that cute gothic street style which you can wear to almost every occasion. 

Take a look at these five goth outfit ideas you can rock to your next outings.

How to Dress Goth? 5 Cute Gothic Outfit Ideas


Casual with a statement t-shirt

A recently popular gothic clothing style that has taken over the fashion world is the casual goth trend. This is a rather laid-back style that consists of casual everyday clothes combined with different dark and spooky elements

So, incorporating gothic features into your everyday outfit is a great way to keep up with gothic fashion. You can go for a black pair of jeans topped off with a graphic Not Today Satan shirt and black boots. Complete your look with a straight hairstyle, subtle black lipstick and mysterious jewelry pieces on your wrists, ears and around your neck.

Corporate gothic look

The reality is many corporate firms aren’t very keen on promoting individuality especially if you are a gothic fan. However, a new subgenre of this fashion trend known as corporate goth actually gives people the opportunity to combine traditional corporate attire with gothic elements and freedom to express themselves at work.

You can opt for a signature goth dark hues such as black and burgundy to bring out the elegant corporate look. For example, a black midi skirt with a wine red blouse on top and black oxford heels is a nice corporate gothic outfit.

An all-black look for a night out

Because gothic fashion is marked by dark colors such as black, going for an all-black outfit is one of the most popular choices. Such looks are great for a night out with your friends when you want to keep it classy, but still wish to give off a sense of spookiness and mystery.

The great thing about it is that you can mix and match different clothing pieces to create a stylish monochromatic black look. For example, you can go for a pair of black tight jeans, a black tee with a creepy, animated design and combat boots.

Feminine with a gothic lace dress

The romantic gothic style is another very popular type of this fashion trend. It is usually characterized by black, velvety and lacey garments that are often associated with the fashion style of the Victorian era.

So, if you want to feel feminine and beautiful while following this trend, you should definitely consider going for a lace dress with a corset. This is such a classic and irresistible piece which you can wear to more formal events when you are looking to achieve elegance. Complete your look with black pearls and sheer gloves and let your hair down.

How to Dress Goth? 5 Cute Gothic Outfit Ideas


Summer gothic aesthetics

While most people turn to bright colors to create chic summer looks, you can be more experimental and try putting together a gothic outfit instead. You can wear this ensemble either to the beach or on a casual night out with your friends and immediately draw all eyes on you.

One issue with summer gothic looks is that you will probably wear black which is a heat-absorbing color. So, an outfit idea that will help you keep up with the weather while looking gothic includes a sheer black lace kimono, black hot pants and a black hat on top.

Final thoughts

Gothic fashion trends are being worn on the streets now more than ever. This dark and heavily accessorized clothing style is what makes it attractive for many fashionistas who are willing to spice up their traditional looks. From the black lace dresses to the spooky jewelry pieces, there are numerous gothic elements you can incorporate into your everyday ensembles and create cute outfits with a gothic resemblance.


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If you need help along the way, be sure to borrow some of our ideas here and be a stylish goth no matter where you are headed.

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