How Sports Jerseys Have Continued To Be Fashionable

While trends come and go, sports jerseys are an enduring fashion staple. From the casual 90s styles seen on the likes of Liam Gallagher to the current obsession that’s largely thanks to the FIFA Women’s World Cup (WWC), this is the one item of clothing that’s managed to stand the test of time.

Here, we look at why we’re still wearing sports jerseys and what makes them so appealing.

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The power of celebrity

We’ve already mentioned Liam Gallagher. The power and influence Britpop stars like the Gallaghers and Damon Albarn had on fashion in the 1990s cannot be overstated. It seemed everyone rushed to buy the latest jersey once they’d spotted their favourite stars wearing it

The 90s was also an unforgettable decade for football. From the UEFA Euro in 1996 to the legendary World Cup in 1998, there was a real buzz around the sport, and everyone wanted to wear their allegiances on their chest.

Today, we’re seeing something similar, with everything from friendship bracelets to jerseys being worn in honour of our Lionesses.

Team power

Another reason for people repeatedly returning to the sports jersey is the success of their favourite teams. For fans of internationally renowned teams like Liverpool and their Premier League competitors, they want to wear the latest shirts to show their support.

Some of the biggest shirt sales globally go these popular teams, with many fans planning to buy the latest kit as soon as it hits the shelves.

Looking back

As well as fans loving the newest shirts, there’s also a trend towards nostalgia. Retro kits from past decades have been seen on celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, making this a high fashion look for many.

Teamed with jeans, classic sports jerseys offer effortless style, tapping into the athleisure trend that’s been around for a while now.

Easily accessible

Ultimately, sports shirts are easy to wear and easy to buy. There are plenty of dedicated stores that sell jerseys for your favourite teams, while vintage kits can be tracked down online. If you are looking for a retro shirt, make sure you do your research before you buy as it’s important you get the real deal.

Sports shirts look great too. They can be worn with tracksuit bottoms for a casual look or, depending on the jersey, dressed up, Rihanna-style.

Are you planning on tapping into the sports jersey trend? Or are you simply buying the latest shirt to wear as the new season gets underway?

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