Fashion Rules Every Modern Mom Must Follow

Mommies have a lot to manage, from domestic duties to work responsibilities and childcare. Even if you are a stay-at-home mommy, you may be busy and drained most times. Whether you struggle with dirty diapers, toddler tantrums, or teen woes, your personal style tends to take a back seat. But the last thing you should do is settle for a wardrobe that does not match your fashion goals. Consider your body type, budget, taste, and trends to ensure that your collection is on track at all times. Here are some fashion rules that can keep modern moms looking their best.

fashion rules for modern mother

Wear clothes that fit

Your body changes after motherhood, and you have to live with sagging skin and extra flab down the line. Even if you are the fittest mom, you can expect changes when you get closer to menopause. Ensure that you wear clothes that offer perfect fits, even if it means updating your collection from time to time. Bad fits can highlight your flaws, so steer clear of going too loose or tight.

Banish the over-casual look

Although dressing in your sweatpants sounds comforting, never make it a habit. Banish the over-casual look and dress up every time you step out. Invest in multi-purpose outfits that work for different occasions. While you must focus on looking good at work and parties, do not skimp on dressing up for casual outings. As a rule, look for comfortable clothing beyond athleisure.

Embrace sustainable dressing

Another style tip that all modern moms must follow is to embrace sustainable dressing. Think of the mindset as doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Look for brands that offer sustainable women’s clothing in the latest styles and trends. Apart from picking the right brands, you can work on building a capsule wardrobe. Playing with fewer pieces to create new ensembles requires some skill and creativity, but you can master the skill with practice. The best part is that it enables you to save up a lot.

Rock some layers

Layering is another fashion trick that can help moms look their best. You can layer wisely to hide the extra skin and accentuate your curves. Invest in delicate and lacy tank tops and wear them under button-down to create an attention-grabbing ensemble. Likewise, you can wear a skirt over tights to conceal the flab on your legs. Just a little smart thinking with layers can make you look like a diva.

Dark denim is an ideal choice

When it comes to jeans, darker shades of denim are ideal for moms because they make your bottom look slimmer. Pick cuts that flatter your body type, for example, boot cut styles look better than skinny jeans. Opt for stretchable denim as it retains its shape over time and fits well even as you gain or lose a few pounds down the line. Style with a dark denim jacket to complete the look.

Mommies can look stylish and trendy, provided that they follow these dressing rules. Revamp your wardrobe and pick pieces that accentuate your body, replicate your taste, and follow the sustainability trend.

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