Dress like Bond: Exploring the Casino Royale Aesthetic

James Bond is a name that achieved worldwide fame when Ian Fleming first penned his major novels in the 1950s. Today, it is one of the highest-grossing film franchises in cinema history. The combined revenue of the film goes into the billions of dollars.

The movie has also spawned various spoof films and has been referenced in hundreds of TV shows, novels, and other movies over the last few decades. This made Casino Royale the main pillar of men’s fashion as well as popular culture.

James Bond car style

With that in mind, we will explore the iconic Casino Royale aesthetic, which has been shaping men’s fashion to this day, and James Bond’s remarkable style highlights:

What’s so special about James Bond?

When Fleming created the character of James Bond, he specified that he had suave and distinct characteristics. One of the main characteristics of Bond is his ability to keep a cool head whilst playing for high stakes in the casino.

In Dr No, the first Bond film to be commissioned, Sean Connery’s version of the character is quite adept at playing blackjack. Many high-stakes games have evolved with the times and usually take place online instead of in land-based casinos.

If you’re looking to get a taste of what James Bond is all about, you can involve yourself in a game of online blackjack. Playing a classic casino game will surely immerse you in an action-packed experience, where you can try out your luck while feeling elegant.

The Casino Royale Aesthetic

We could sit here and discuss the iconic traits that make James Bond such a well-known character all over the globe. However, today we will only focus on one, and that’s the iconic style moments that we were treated to in the legendary Casino Royale movies.

When we talk about Casino Royale, we are referring to the version that was Daniel Craig’s debut outing back in 2006. There are, in fact, two James Bond films with this title, with the original one being made over 50 years ago.

However, the 2006 version is considered a landmark in the series, as it is widely recognized as bringing the franchise into the 21st Century. This followed a period where critics panned a collection of Bond films from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Daniel Craig brought a new spin on a legendary character. With it, he brought the infamous style, swagger, and sharp dialogue. Where better to start than a scene containing all three attributes?

Both action-packed and sophisticated, the Casino Royale aesthetic combines utility with impeccable elegance. Flaunting leather jackets, the iconic navy suit, and springtime polo shirts, the hero brings back the Miami Vice laid-back aesthetic, combined with military-style elements.

The Unforgettable Poker Scene

The poker scene in Casino Royale had everything – great acting, sharp dialogue, and serious intensity. Although the chances of a game unfolding like this are astronomical, we can allow for artistic license in a James Bond film, can’t we?

As it was Craig’s first outing in the 007 attire, there was much emphasis on his use of casual clothing. As well as other types of jackets that may not have traditionally been attached to his character in years gone by. Not to mention the Aston Martin.

This was part of the reason his character was so well-received by critics, as it skillfully combined the old Bond with the new. It also gave audiences the opportunity to witness a character that was still in the process of being molded in his first Bond film.

For example, Sean Connery’s Bond was mainly pictured in a suit or very sharp clothing. Craig’s Bond undoubtedly has his moments of incredible style and grace. Yet, there were many instances where he had less of a superhero element and more of a human side, which gave the character a more relatable appeal.

Final Thoughts: Deflecting the Criticism

One criticism regularly levelled at Bond was his character’s lack of realism and humanity. He was someone who was effortlessly cool, sharp, and suave and always seemed to get out of impossible situations. All whilst being emotionally unavailable and unspeakably relaxed.

This is what Fleming had in mind. After all, James Bond is a fictional character, isn’t he? Holding him to the standards of a modern-day man is pointless and ridiculous. Suppose we are in the business of criticizing fictional characters – why don’t we criticize Lord Farquaad for kicking Shrek out of his swamp?

That might be a bizarre analogy, but the artistic license afforded to Bond was part of the escapism that made his character so captivating in the first place. However, it was time to reinvent the formula with some modern-day twists after a few decades.

They performed this feat when creating Daniel Craig’s Bond in Casino Royale. He had the right level of smoothness, level-headedness, and smartness to get out of the situations he found himself in.

He was also shown to be vulnerable and have his iconic wardrobe. We have discussed the poker scene and the tuxedo he brandishes during that high-stakes game, which is probably the most iconic of the lot.

However, there are honorable mentions of his holiday shirt in the opening scene and the classy loungewear that he dons towards the end of the film. Don’t worry. We remembered those classic garments and how Casino Royale was the most stylish Bond we had seen for decades.

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