Different Ways To Style Leather Jackets This Fall


Can you name a season whose fashion can’t accommodate a leather jacket? No, right? That’s the very beauty of this amazing wardrobe staple: it’s so versatile that 100s of looks can be created with it in every season. Each person can style it as per his own taste, comfort and convenience, and guess what? Even with all the many ways that people choose to style it, it still looks 100% chic and awesome! It can not only blend in any outfit aesthetic, but also elevate it 10x than the original look.

Different Ways To Style Leather Jackets


Talking about how leather jackets can create varying looks in various seasons, here’s a lil’ update for y’all! This fall, ladies leather jackets are back again with a bang! With fashion icons like Hailey Bieber flexing them in their Instagram stories, people can’t help but drool at how awesome they look!

Whether it’s a traditional biker jacket or a rather modern moto jacket, this season is all about bringing leather jackets back into the fashion scene with yummy twists! Tempted already to try all these amazing looks? Let’s look at 10 spectacular ways you can style a leather jacket this fall:

1 Keep It Simple With Top And Jeans

Let’s start with simple looks, and then go on to fancier ones. The simplest (and also the most effortlessly stylish) way to style a leather jacket in fall is to wear it with a t-shirt and a jeans. As wide-legged jeans are so in fashion this year, you can wear a plain tshirt, tuck it inside your jeans to create a fitted, sexy look, and add a leather jacket outside. Based on your mood and occasion, you can wear an oversized jacket (which would look so chic!) or a cropped one to create a more toned look.

2 Casual Look With Leggings

Another casual look that you can create with a leather jacket is by pairing it up with a cropped top and leggings of the same color. This super stylish combo will make you look casual, cool and stylish all at the same time. A cropped, loose leather jacket would look perfect with this look, as it’d compliment ladies leather jackets the crop top, creating a sleek and sexy look. This type of look has been inspired by the super gorgeous Hailey Bieber, who has undoubtedly taken ladies leather jackets fashion to the next level.

3 With A Mini Dress

Mini dresses have become kind of a signature for fall because of their pretty and delicate look, and as you might’ve guessed already, you can wear a leather jacket even with that! By wearing a leather jacket with a mini dress (including a sweater dress), you combine sweet and tough elements of both to create an interestingly innovative look.

4 With A Pretty Silk Maxi

If a leather jacket can go with a mini dress, it can very well go with a proper maxi dress. In fact, it’ll give a very pretty and stylish look that’ll be perfect for events like parties, dinners, or even for a date. Ladies, imagine how cool would it be to impress your potential date instantly by looking your prettiest and the stylish version, simultaneously? Take notes!

5 With An Oversized Shirt

This year, a lot of people have made casual separates a part of their wardrobes due to the increasing buzz around wearing them singularly. Wearing a casual separate singularly not only looks extremely stylish but is also super comfortable to wear. By wearing a leather jacket over an oversized shirt, you can create a minimalist look that’s perfect for casual occasions.

6 With Matching Separates

Matching separates have seen an amazing magnitude of popularity in this year’s fashion, thanks to their classic design that keeps coming back to impress us in new ways. Matching separates, by themselves, look extremely cool, but think about elevating their appeal 10x by wearing a leather jacket with them? That’s how you use your brain a 100% to create trendsetting looks!

7 With A Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses perfectly reflect the outfit aesthetic of today’s generation: they’re minimal, loose, pretty and stylish, all at the same time! A lot of celebrities are fond of shirt dresses, and are seen styling them in various ways. One of such innovative shirt dress combos is wearing them in combination with a leather jacket, and adding a pair of stylish sneakers to it as a statement piece.

8 With A Dungaree

Like leather jackets, dungarees have been in fashion for as long as we can remember. However, their appeal increased exponentially with famous movie characters wearing them (all hail to the queen of hotness, Harley Quinn!) and making them a part of modern fashion. Tossing a leather jacket over your shoulder while wearing a dungaree is another clever way of adding to the hotness of this wardrobe staple.

9 With A Maxi Skirt And Matching Upper

Let’s unleash all our mind’s creative energies and think of a look that combines fanciness, hotness and style. We’re talking about wearing a leather jacket with a fancy maxi skirt (patterned/sequined/laced/etc) and coupling them up with a matching colored casual upper (a simple tee/a cropped top/a pullover). This yummy look will combine elements of style, glamour and minimal fashion in a single attire. That’s exactly something that you’d want to wear and flaunt this fall!

10 As Your Whole Outfit

Ladies leather jackets have undergone crazy evolution in terms of sizes, cuts, styles and designs. In case you’re unaware, let’s introduce you to one amazing, awe-inspiring innovation in leather jackets: full length leather jackets. As these jackets are full length, you can wear them as a complete outfit on their own. Just buy it, wear it as it is, and you’re all set to rule the world with your breathtaking fashion sense!


This fall, you can inspire your pals with your fashion revival by following our 10 awesome looks incorporating leather jackets, which will give your dull and stagnant fashion sense a massive kick.

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