4 Essential Clothing Items For Your Transitional Season Wardrobe

The transitional seasons – spring and autumn – can be tricky ones to dress for. You never know exactly what the weather will be like, especially here in unpredictable Britain. You never know when the weather might turn rainy or unseasonably cold, so it is essential to have suitable transitional season clothing to wear. The ideal spring or autumn outfit will be comfortable, layered and stylish.

transitional season fashion

Layers are crucial so that if the weather changes and you get a sudden appearance from the sun, you can remove a layer or two to suit more moderate temperatures. Likewise, if the forecast promised sun and underdelivered, you can add a few extra layers for much-needed warmth.

Elegant Tea Dress

Tea dresses are the height of elegance and style. They’re perfect for the transitional seasons because they’re on the longer side, with medium to long sleeves but are made in a lightweight material. This makes them ideal to style for warmer or cooler weather. If the weather is warmer, you could wear a tea dress without tights, carrying a light cardigan for if it gets chilly. When it is on the colder side, you can add tights and a warm jumper to keep you from getting cold.

Cosy Woollen Cardigan

The humble cardigan is a staple of most wardrobes, making the ideal layer for cool summer nights and unpredictable transitional days alike. It is often best to have a few different cosy cardigans in your wardrobe to suit the different types of weather. A warm woollen cardi is one of the best options for transitional seasons, as you can wear lighter layers underneath to strip down to if you need to. Look for warm woollen cardigans made with sustainable, high-quality wool, like the great choices from The Sweater Shop. They also specialise in Aran wool cardigans, meaning you can find some high luxury items.

transitional season fashion

Chunky Boots

When the weather is unpredictable, it can be tough to know which shoes are the best to pair with your outfit. Ballet flats, sandals or high-heeled pumps can all be a bit of a risk should it start raining. If you want a simple, stylish option, chunky, comfortable boots can be the perfect choice. Boots can keep your feet warm and dry, whatever the weather, and can finish off an outfit effortlessly.

Relaxed Straight-Leg Jeans

Skinny jeans are no longer king in the denim fashion world, giving way to more comfortable and relaxed fit. Many women are rejoicing at the change and the inherent comfort that can come from a looser-fitting pair of denim jeans. Straight-leg, wide-leg, mom jeans and more are the current trend, and they can make perfect additions for the transitional season.


The transitional seasons can be hard to get right, and being too hot or too cold can be incredibly frustrating. Layers of lighter clothing can be just the thing to help you keep comfortable during the spring and autumn. When considering footwear, it is best to opt for waterproof, comfortable options like chunky boots, so your feet will stay warm and dry regardless of what the weather throws at you. Above all, look for outfit choices that are cosy and comfortable to help you make the most out of the transitional seasons.

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