Sip and See Parties: A Trendy Way to Introduce Your Bundle of Joy

So, you just had your baby, and every loved one is eager to meet them. Other than checking in about the baby’s and mother’s health, they asked, “Will you throw a sip and see party?”

You have no clue about what they are talking about. And it just doesn’t feel right to ask them about it.

If you relate to this situation, don’t worry; this guide will help you learn about it quickly!

sip and see party

What is a Sip and See Party?

The sip-and-see party is held to let the new parents’ close family and friends meet a newborn baby and sip on a beverage, like tea, coffee, fruit punch, and more!

This is common among parents who don’t or can’t throw a baby shower. After all, significant issues like anxiety and depression are known to affect 20-40% of pregnant women. So, a lot of women struggle to enjoy baby showers during pregnancy.

A sip-and-see party is the perfect alternative for such parents. During the party, loved ones coo over the cute little family member and catch up with the parents.

This party is also much more flexible than a traditional baby shower. There’s no strict itinerary, and hence, it’s growing more and more popular worldwide!

Sip and See Party Themes

If you’re unsure how to host a sip-and-see party or need unique suggestions, here are all the trendy ideas!

1 Outdoor Party

If you can access a spacious backyard and the weather is nice, consider holding the party outdoors. You can also arrange the party there if you can access a pool.

Set up the tables and chairs in the yard. Order food and place non-alcoholic beverages on the tables so everyone can have a gala time. Vamp the space with fun summer-themed décor. Make sure the baby is always covered and away from the harsh sun.

2 Memorable Intimate Party

If you prefer a small party with just the most immediate family members and friends, opt for a laid-back option. In this, you can make the arrangements even easier. Simply ask your guests to bring a home-cooked dish for the party. They can also come over and cook in your kitchen!

Ensure you capture all the precious bonding moments between you, your baby, and your loved ones.

However, you can also book a baby photography session with a professional photographer. Choose a photographer with a well-made studio, follows sanitization rules, and has taken courses for the baby’s mental and physical health!

3 Prince/Princess Themed Party

If you want to go all out, a classic theme is a prince/princess sip-and-see party. Arrange for a themed colorful cake. All food, beverages, and desserts should be colored according to your baby’s gender – blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

Use decorations of the same color with lots of glitter. Add in storybooks of princes/princesses to go along with the theme. This will add life to the party and make the surroundings seem out of a fairy tale!

To top it off, dress your little one in a prince/princess outfit, and the parents can wear king/queen outfits!

4 Confectionery Counter Theme

If your guests have a great sweet tooth, fill the party with desserts. Add lots of sweet food, from cupcakes and macaroons to cookies and candies. This will be a great hit if your loved ones bring their children along.

You can even request the dessert makers if you want everything of a particular color. Of course, don’t forget to also arrange for dinner/lunch.

5 Floral Theme

For this, decorate every corner of your home with fresh flowers. Use a floral backdrop to take cute pictures with the baby. Serve the guest floral teas. Arrange floral-themed cakes and pastries, apple rose tarts, pineapple flower cupcakes, and so on.

You can also use other food items to create flowers. For instance, place blueberries in the middle of the plate surrounded by pineapple slices. Lastly, don’t forget to dress your baby in a floral onesie and headscarf!

Sip and See the Party Invitation & Etiquette

In the card, begin with the invitation speech that you’d like their presence at this special event. Then, add a list of rules about the party, like these:

    • Mention timings that coincide with your baby’s active hours. Be clear about the time by which you want to end the party.
    • Be clear that everyone must seek permission before holding the baby. Nobody must kiss the baby to avoid any infections.
    • Request them to wear soft clothes so their dress doesn’t prick the baby when they hold them.
    • Ask them to stay home if they feel sick or have a sore throat.


Remember, the entire point of sip-and-see parties is to mingle and bond with loved ones. So, don’t forcibly arrange for a party theme unless you’re comfortable. If necessary, seek your loved ones’ and other professionals for a smoother preparation!

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