Why Study Leadership?

Looking back at the past couple of years, we can’t help but ponder on the lessons we’ve learned. As we rewind time and take a trip to memory lane, we can all reflect on the shift in circumstances and how it altered our opinions and perspective of the world.

Post covid, many realized the importance of spending time with loved ones as well as the importance of mental health. People stopped believing in the false promise of job security and turned into making their dream come true. Many started their own hustle; others have found a way of monetizing their hobby and turning it into a gig. All these reasons gave rise to what we now know as “The great resignation of 2021“, an ongoing economic trend where employers voluntarily resign from their current job, pointing out their dissatisfaction with the overall system.

study leadership

The onslaught of the pandemic has shown us new truths about our lives, our jobs, and how much of a toll it is having on ourselves. However, as a team, we can achieve so much more, and working solo may not be the answer, especially when working on large projects. Therefore in today’s ever-changing environment, it is evident that leadership quality that understands these issues is essential for businesses.

Below are 3 reasons why learning about leadership can significantly increase your chances of succeeding in the future.

Help you stand out

Learning about leadership and getting certified help you to stand out of the bunch and create your own personal brand. Once you figure out how to present your strengths to a potential employer, you may never have to look for a job again.

Industries are evolving

Several industries have completely revamped their business models and now require a dynamic leader who can steer the ship in the right direction. Learning leadership can help you acquire new skills and make it easier to adapt to any industry.

Help you create a network

Networking is essential and a great way to succeed in fast-paced environments. Learning about leadership from reputed institutions will allow you to work closely with many pioneers in the industry, who can later help you find a job or even recommend you if any position opens up.

How to start learning leadership theory

We have already established the importance of studying leadership theories and how more and more companies are looking for people with specific leadership skill sets. However, unlike technical skills, you can not simply create a portfolio to showcase your leadership skills. So the best way to start learning leadership skills is to get a formal education, perhaps a professional degree, which will provide you with a certification recognized by companies worldwide.

Arizona State University offers several professional programs focusing on leadership qualities and helping you get certified. However, this requires you to sit for exams which can be a bit tricky if you haven’t prepared properly. But don’t worry; here are key terms and concepts for quiz on the Leadership and Change course, which you can download for free.

Final words

As more and more of our repetitive tasks are being overtaken by automation, leadership is one sector that still requires a human touch. However, unlike many other skills, leadership requires you to get certified to show an employer your true potential.

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