Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Personalised Stationery

Most people today communicate through email and text messages. But even if you send long emails and texts, the personal touch seems lacking. Social media is prevalent today. But in reality, it makes people less social because of the impersonality of technology. Thus, more and more people are going back to the traditional means of communication – writing letters.

Letter writing is enjoying a revival, just like using personalised stationery. The good thing is, using personalised stationery can give you several benefits. Whether you will use writing paper for personal or business purposes, using stationery shows that you can infuse a unique touch to your letter.

personalized stationery

1 It shows who you are

Using email or text makes it difficult to build a real personal connection. Even if you send a beautifully-worded email, it will be difficult for it to stand out. With personalised stationery, you can express yourself better as you have more time to think about what you want to say. Your message gets support from the paper’s colour, layout, and design. Choosing the design and colour that projects the real you is vital.

Extend your personality and style by giving someone a personalised stationery set. You can click here to see the choices available.

 2 It benefits your business

If you are a business owner, investing in high-quality personalised stationery is good. Using custom stationery to send letters to existing and potential consumers show your appreciation. While websites increase their user experience as part of their marketing strategies, personalised stationery makes the experience of creating a personal connection more tangible. The customer feels valued and honoured. A letter on special paper is more nuanced and expressive than sending an email or a text message.

3 It helps you get a job

The economy is slowly opening up. However, it is still challenging to find a job. When you pass a job interview, you can leave a good impression and stand out from your competition by sending a thank-you letter using personalised stationery. But ensure that your paper looks professional. Thus, it should be simple. Simultaneously, keep your letter short and interview-related to gain the most impact.

4 It is tangible

You do not usually print out emails unless they are for business purposes. When you send a personal email, the recipient reads it and would either leave it in the inbox or delete it. When you have a memorable phone conversation, it ends when the conversation ends, unless you remember to record it. Tech-based communication can be fleeting.

But it is different when you write a letter on custom stationery. The recipient holds on to something tangible, which they can keep for a time. The look and touch of beautiful paper are very different. Plus, the handwriting of the sender reminds the receiver about the person.

Show how much you care for and cherish someone by using personalised stationery. It speaks volumes, showing that you think highly of the recipient. Make your messages more meaningful by having different types of stationery to fit the occasion.

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