The Difference between PIP Insurance and a Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents are terrible occurrences. They often involve several automobiles. These vehicles’ occupants, particularly those in smaller ones, are in significant danger of suffering critical injuries or, perhaps, fatality. Claims involving truck accidents can include sizable losses. It might be challenging to determine how much money you are entitled to receive for your losses and the impact your injuries have had on your life. To obtain the entire amount of compensation you are due, you need to find the best truck accident attorneys.

However, before hiring an attorney, you must understand the difference between PIP insurance and a truck accident claim. And a free consultation from an expert attorney can help you determine the best course of action. Have a look at the following information.

truck accident claim

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Personal Injury Protection – PIP Insurance

It can help with medical costs for you and the wounded passengers if you are involved in an accident. And it doesn’t matter if the accident was your fault or not. Even if you are not driving, you are still covered by this auto insurance. Following are a couple of things that PIP insurance covers;

Medical Costs: PIP insurance may potentially assist in paying your health insurance deductible in addition to covering medical expenses following an accident.

Job Loss: Your PIP coverage may help if you are hurt and lose earnings because you can’t work.

Funeral Costs: Following a fatal automobile accident, a PIP coverage may be able to assist the family with funeral expenses.

Victims’ Loss: It might assist in reimbursing lost wages for your dependents if you pass away in a car accident.

Important Services: The services you would typically provide if you weren’t injured, such as child care and housecleaning, may also be covered by your PIP insurance.

Your attorney might advise filing a claim through your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits if you have enough coverage. Even though this is the quickest way to receive compensation, few people have insurance to fully cover a truck accident, and it does not compensate for emotional trauma. PIP insurance only covers a portion of your medical costs and lost wages. Loss of earning capacity or out-of-pocket expenses are not covered by PIP insurance.

 Truck Accident Claim

If you need to recover the complete losses or the full amount of compensation you are entitled to after a serious truck accident, you need to file a lawsuit. If you need to file a lawsuit to recover the full amount of compensation, you need to first determine if you fulfill the requirement for filing a truck accident lawsuit. If you don’t, you can be limited to the benefits that come with your PIP policy.

A truck accident claim will also cover the non-economic damages which are not covered by traditional PIP insurance. Losses without a clear financial element are included in non-financial or non-economic damages in a truck accident lawsuit. Although economic losses may account for a sizeable amount of your claim, non-financial damages are frequently much higher due to the pervasive effects that severe injuries have on a victim’s life. Following a truck accident, you can be eligible for compensation for the following non-economic damages: 

Suffering and Pain: Some injuries result in lifelong, severe discomfort. These damages make up for the physical suffering that victims go through.

Emotional Distress: Serious injuries may result in issues including depression, PTSD, and other conditions. In a truck accident claim, you may be entitled to compensation for the emotional suffering brought on by your injuries.

Scar and Disfigurements: Serious wounds can leave scars and disfigure sufferers. Such physical changes have a significant psychological effect. You may be eligible for compensation for the negative mental and emotional impacts if another party is responsible for the injuries.

Disabilities: Head injuries, paralysis, and other truck accident injuries can have a long-term impact on how victims live their lives.

The primary difference between PIP insurance and truck accident claim is the types of compensation that you recover. There is no allowance for non-financial damages in PIP no-fault accident payouts. Due to the increased likelihood of severe and life-changing injuries, scars and deformity, and death, truck accident cases usually contain non-economic damages. If you have been in a truck accident, you should call an attorney right away. The lawyers are aware of the terrible effects that truck accidents have on victims and their families. They will conduct a thorough investigation into the collision, pinpoint all responsible parties, and determine the amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

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