Technology Advances That Have Enhanced Online Casinos

From the launch of the first online casino back in 1994, changing technology has had an evolutionary effect on the sector. Casino operators and developers have raced to make the most of new technology to stay competitive and reach new markets.

The best online casinos enjoyed by modern casino players are the product of years of development and innovation. It has turned a fledgling sector into a huge multinational and multi-billion-dollar concern. Below are some of the key ways that technology has shaped the online casino industry.

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Random Number Generators

In real-world casino gaming, all the games are played through physical media, ranging from the roulette wheel and the blackjack table to the mechanical slot machine.

Yet in the online casino world, things are very different. These games are powered not by mechanical features but by software, and the key to that software is the random number generator (RNG). The RNG is the technology that ensures online games are fair and random. In theory, it is possible for a roulette wheel to be slightly askew or to have a physical defect that marginally increases the probability that certain numbers will come up.

Online games have no such problems. The RNG software used in online games ensures that all games are completely fair, and reputable casino sites ensure that they regularly have the RNGs of their games tested for fairness so players know they can rely on it.

Mobile Casinos

Since the launch of the first smartphone in 2006, the use of mobile devices has increased dramatically and now, most of us use mobile devices to access the Internet, ranging from using phones and laptops to wearable technology. Naturally, this has had an impact on the online casino world.

Initially, online casino sites offered downloadable apps. Customers had to find the app that related to their device and operating system and then download it onto their phones. The problem with the app system was that some people were reluctant to download software onto their devices, and the apps themselves didn’t offer access to the full range of casino games and features.

The arrival of HTML5 technology changed that, however. This technology made it possible for online casino developers to create sites that could run seamlessly on various operating systems and devices, meaning that mobile users could have exactly the same experience as desktop players. At the same time, improving mobile technology means that even the latest casino games now run smoothly.

Live Casinos

The convenience of online casino gaming has long been its bestselling point, but there are some casino gaming fans who also want to enjoy more of a genuine casino atmosphere. That is something that is hard to recreate completely through a game, but live casino gaming goes some way towards solving that issue by bringing a real casino into the online world.

Technically, live casino gaming does not take place in a real casino. It is based in a dedicated studio designed to replicate the look and feel of a real casino, but it does feature real casino tables and props, and the games are operated by trained casino dealers. It is possible for players to interact with these dealers and, in some cases, with their fellow players. The combination of real human interaction and physical casino gaming has proved incredibly popular with online casino fans.

Fast Payments

In the early days of the online casino, there was no way for players to deposit and withdraw real money through the online world. Fortunately, that has changed dramatically. Developments in the fintech industry have enabled online casino players to enjoy ever-faster deposits and withdrawals when they are using their favorite casino sites.

Slower and traditional options, such as bank transfers and debit cards, are still available, but customers can also utilize e-wallet payment options, which transfer money from a bank account to a casino account rapidly. Prepaid cards, phone pay, and even cryptocurrency options are also shaping the online casino world, providing greater security and anonymity, along with faster payments.


If it were not for technological innovation, there would be no online casino sector, so it is no surprise to find that the industry has continued to grow and be shaped under the influence of technological innovation and research. And, since new technology is being developed all the time, it is inevitable that this process will continue leading to more new online casino gaming experiences.

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