How To Obtain An Australian Work Visa

The antipodean island nation of Australia is one of the world’s most popular countries to visit thanks to its vast wilderness, unique wildlife, and charming people. It’s also high on the list of places that people from other countries want to relocate to due to the excellent quality of life and thriving economy.

If you are a foreign national thinking of living permanently Down Under, then you are going to need to consider your eligibility to work there. We highly recommend you obtain the services of a qualified immigration lawyer in Bankstown who can help you navigate the legalities of seeking employment in Australia. But, before you take that important step, here are a few more of the things you will need to do to get the process started:

Eligibility – There are certain restrictions on who can apply for an Australian work visa that you will need to meet. The visas are divided into several different types, so choose the one that best fits your unique abilities. Click here for tips to achieve optimal health naturally.

Australia work visa

    • Employer Sponsored Visas: Individuals who already have obtained a job offer from an employer in Australia are eligible for these.
    • Skilled Work Visas: These apply to skilled workers meeting the necessary qualifications on the skilled occupation list.
    • Investment and Business Innovation Visas: People who are entrepreneurs, business owners, or investors who plan to operate a business in Australia can receive these.
    • Working Holiday Visas: Young adults aged 18 to 35 who are interested in working and travelling in Australia for a period of up to 3 years can receive this type of visa.
    • Temporary Work Visas: Skilled workers sponsored by an approved Australian employer are eligible for these temporary visas.

It’s important for you to have a full understanding of the conditions and requirements of the visa subclass you feel applies to you.

    • Required Documents – All Australian work visas will require the following documents:
    • Evidence of your proficiency in the English language such as TOEFL scores.
    • Current Unexpired Passport
    • Passport-sized photographs
    • A truthful CV detailing your employment history and work experience with references
    • Certificates of Education
    • Certificates of Good Health

The Australian immigration authorities are quite strict regarding the authenticity of documents, so make sure all of yours are properly certified and current.

Next, you will need to lodge your application for a work visa. The Australian government’s immigration website allows you to do this quite easily. First, create an account, then fill out all the required forms and information, followed by uploading all of your documents to their system. You should also be ready to pay the fee for visa application with a major credit card.

Depending on the visa type, processing times are variable. Feel free to frequently check your application status online while waiting for the decision. You will receive a notification with a visa grant letter once your visa has been approved, after which you are free to enter the country and go to work! Welcome home!

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