Can Girls Become Digital Nomads in Thailand?

It isn’t only the guys that love Thailand, many young ladies experience Thailand for the first time and they are smitten with the colourful culture and the tropical paradise islands in the south. The only way you can stay in the Land of Smiles is to make your living online and in this short article, we take a look at ways you can make an income on the Internet.

Health & beauty (E-commerce)

Thailand is home to the best cosmetic manufacturer and you can create your very own product line; design your own packaging and have FDA-approved products put into your brand. Once you register your business in Thailand and set up a website, you can hook up with a 3PL provider and away you go! If you own a Thai business, you can apply for a work permit; check out the Thai BOI website for more details. After living a few years in Thailand, you can also obtain permanent residency and then citizenship.

Travel blogging

income on internet in Thailand

Why not submit a few blogs on ‘living on a Thai island’ to well-known travel mags? If you have a flair for the written word, why not make good use of that and earn a few dollars to support your nomad lifestyle? Start with an intro for free; do a review of the Full Moon Party on Koh Pang Ngan and hopefully, the mag will pick it up. Visit James Bond Island in the south and be amazed!

Remote job

If you work for a European or US company and they are happy for you to work remotely, Thailand is in your sights. There are many female digital nomads doing just that; long-term visas can be challenging – learn Thai or Muay Thai and you can stay for 15 months and at the end of that take another course for one more year. If your skillsets can be delivered digitally, there’s no reason your boss should object if you live and work in Thailand.

Become a YouTuber

Yes, there are lots of nomads in Thailand with YouTube channels, but with the right look and the best content, there is room for you to shine. Buy all the digital gear to enable 4K and put your creative hat on! Try to come up with a unique concept; get off the typical tourist routes and venture into rural Thailand; people want to see the authentic Thai way of life and consider travelling by train, vlogging each journey as you travel north, south, east and west.

Train to be certified

Anything from scuba diving to teaching yoga, if you become certified, you can work at one of the premium wellness & spa resorts that Thailand is famous for and enjoy a tropical lifestyle. Training to be a personal trainer can be done online and if you market yourself well, you could be on your way to the job of your dreams.

Check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand website for the latest entry requirements and book a holiday to explore the idea of changing your life for the better.