C3 Powerhouse Melbourne: Whatever Happened To Church Discipline?

Discipline in the church has never been famous. It’s also been utilized for nefarious purposes. People have been burnt at the stake for not accepting the church’s ideology or holding a Bible. Witches have also been executed in our own country. These are examples of “church” discipline gone wrong. This is hardly the type of church discipline that a Christian church is getting accustomed to. True church discipline is driven by a desire to see the offender forgiven and restored like the C3 Powerhouse. It has to be free of bias as in C3 Powerhouse Melbourne.

C3 Powerhouse Melbourne


It cannot be fueled by a desire to avenge oneself. It must be carried out in such a way as to bring unity to the church and blessing to those who are impacted. It must be overseen by the entire congregation. It should be coordinated by the pastor and church board for the entire congregation. It should be done in a loving and forgiving manner. It should not be attempted without adequate planning. For the matter to be settled in a godly manner, this should involve prayer and fasting. Before church discipline is applied, the guilty party should be given the opportunity to repent of his or her wrongdoing.

The Steps Of This Procedure Are As Follows

(1) The offended party should speak with the perpetrator to try to reach an agreement;

(2) If this fails, the offended person should enlist the help of two or three individuals to figure out a solution with the perpetrator;

(3) If the offender and the offended person are unable to reach an agreement, the problem is brought before the church board;

(4) if no agreement is reached, the offender is removed from the church fellowship, with the knowledge that repentance and restitution will bring him or her back into fellowship.


If the perpetrator repents and makes restitution, the church should hold a fellowship meeting to celebrate, and all parties involved should be supportive of one another. The church should set aside its differences and work together to achieve its God-given purpose to the world. The perpetrator should be handled as if nothing had happened in the first place.

If the offender returns to his or her former habits, he or she should be placed on probation before being permitted to rejoin the group as a full member. No perpetrator should be permitted to hold a position of leadership in the church unless he or she can demonstrate that their repentance and restitution were genuine.


There is reason to be optimistic. A Holy Spirit-inspired revival is the only way for the church to “clean up its act.” There is a divine movement towards revival. People all around our country are responding to the call to repentance in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins, and heal our land if the church experiences a revival. This will give the church the power and authority to carry out its love and grace mission to the ends of the globe. God will be praised and the church will be recognized. The country’s issues will be solved, and we will be extremely fortunate. The benefits will reach the furthest corners of the globe. May there be a speedy revival before persecution begins!

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