3 Ways to Worship Amid COVID-19

As cases of COVID-19 rise and fear is ever-prominent, it’s easy to feel distanced from God. In times of crisis and concern, we can lose sight of the goodness of our Heavenly Father. If you’re feeling the weight of this global pandemic, and you’re unsure where to turn for comfort, remember the power of worship. Too often we forget that worship isn’t solely for the moments of joy, but an essential element of the true Christian life. Here are 3 ways you can worship amid COVID-19.

The Word is Alive

When we go through periods of distress and anxiety, we can doubt the presence of God in our lives. If you feel as though you’ve lost your hope in Jesus, or you’re wondering where He is amidst the hurt, open your Bible. How can we say that God is silent if we’re not actively reading His word? If you don’t own a Bible, this is the time to get one. Head to Cokesbury‘s website and choose from an array of translations.

One of the best books to study during times of distress is Habakkuk. If you turn to chapter 3, verses seventeen through nineteen, you’ll see a shining example of worship amidst the ruin. Though the trees were barren of their fruits, the fields produced no crops, he rejoices in the Lord. How does he have this steadfast faith? He knows that God has equipped him with everything that he may need to endure such hardships. He compares this to the feet of deer that can scale the heights of mountains simply by the treads in the hooves they are born with. God’s word is the treads on your feet, let them anchor you in times of trouble.

The Church Isn’t Closed

Though the physical locations may be closed, the church never does. Remember always that the church is not a building, it’s the people who fill it. Matthew 18:20 says that where two or more gather, He will be with them. Nowhere in this passage does it say that they must gather in the same physical location or it’s null and void.

If you don’t have a church home, don’t fret. Several churches are providing their attendees with online services and resources. The best part? The church you choose doesn’t even need to be in your area. Search for a church online and find one that you feel God is using to speak to your circumstances. Now more than ever, pastors and church leaders alike are diving into the Gospel and preaching on God’s promises in times of fear and upheaval.

Stay Connected Online

The blessing of our modern era is access to live stream production services. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, or a live stream site, the options to connect and worship are endless. These companies provide pastors, priests, rabbi, and other leaders with the unique opportunity to reach even more hearts than they would in a local building. In fact, several churches are reporting record numbers of attendees since making the switch to online production.

On top of weekly services, many provide online community and support groups so you don’t have to go through these tough times alone. Don’t want to wait until Sunday? Head to Youtube and search for a message from any of the numerous church leaders who are hosting weekly services. Many of them have archives of past messages for you to dive into and feel reconnected to your Father. On top of these are videos of worship teams for you to unplug and raise your hands as you cry out to the Father. Whatever you may need in this season, God has the answer. Simply seek His word, trust what He has provided, and lift your hands in unconditional worship.

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