What Is the Most Popular Type of Foundation?

There’s a ton of makeup products in the market nowadays. No wonder both makeup amateurs and enthusiasts tend to be challenged in their options. There are even times when makeup marketing raises more queries than answers, such as when too much info on product ingredients is given without further info on the benefits they serve. Questions abound, such as the right foundations for Asian skin tones.

Therefore, choosing makeup is no light matter, especially to those who take their physical appearance and skincare seriously. There are even studies, like this one, that looked into the use of foundation lotions among female college students. Various factors to consider like product content, safety measures, and essential qualities were analyzed and compared.

In a world where foundation has various types, how can one choose which one to get, then? Read more to know the various types of foundations, and decide which one is the most popular and perfect type for you.

What Is the Most Popular Type of Foundation

The Power of Powder Foundation

What It Is: A favorite, especially among older female generations, the powder foundation is a trusty friend for makeup users. It is also the recommended formula for those with oily skin, though even those whose skin types are combination or dry can still enjoy it. Powder foundations may also be used as an additional layer of makeup coverage.

What Makes It Popular: Research that reviewed the use of powder foundations highlights how it is readily made, which is probably one of the reasons why it is so popular. Powder foundations can absorb oil well, too. It is a handy choice for retouching one’s face at any time of day.

However, a disadvantage is how challenging it is to produce a good powder foundation. This includes developing a powder that spreads smoothly and evenly on one’s skin. It might also be challenging to find a powder foundation that can withstand any weather.

The Choice in Cream Foundation

What It Is: Those who want to have a thicker, creamier option for their skin may choose a cream foundation. This is recommended for people who have dry skin.

This is definitely for you, especially if you are not keen on having the long-lasting and difficult-to-remove coverage provided by powder foundations.

What Makes It Popular: Those who prefer cream foundations tend to compare it with how the use of other types, such as powder, still requires technical know-how of makeup brushes. They also complain that powder can sometimes accentuate aging, especially when it settles deep into one’s wrinkles and facial lines.

Cream is a good choice for those looking for a foundation that easily blends into the skin. Its use does not require brushes, and only a small amount is needed. It also gives the skin a hydrated feeling and a dewy glow, making it a well-loved option.

A Love for Liquid Foundation

What It Is: Another go-to foundation for many is a liquid foundation. As the name suggests, this type of foundation uses a liquid formula.

What Makes It Popular: Liquid foundation has its own set of perks, such as enabling the user to take their pick of more than thirty shades or having other features thrown into the mix, such as anti-inflammatory ingredients and vitamin E.

The liquid foundation also does wonders for those who wish to wear makeup close to their skin’s true shade. Consider avoiding it, though, if you find yourself constantly exposed to humidity, sweat, and hot weather.

A Solution Through Serum Foundation

What It Is: More makeup types have won the hearts of many in this century, especially due to our modern age’s recent innovations. The serum foundation is one of those new creations because it serves as a hybrid between a foundation and a skincare product.

What Makes It Popular: Serum foundations, according to HuffPost, are known for improving our skin’s health. They have ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, known for moisturizing skin and reducing wrinkles.

Another benefit of serum foundations is their easy application. Some serum foundations even have options such as having a “shade matcher” and built-in dispensers. Rave reviews also mention being unaffected by hot weather, as it can last until the evening.

Finding the Type of Foundation That’s Right for You

Even with the spectrum of makeup products, it is still quite unfortunately difficult to find that “holy grail” cosmetic product that would have all of the things you need in one go. Knowing the most popular types of foundation products is the first step to ensuring that you find the right one just for you.

This knowledge comes in handy, especially with an overwhelming number of beauty bets, such as what this Harvard report highlights about an online beauty tool that generated more than 50 million foundation shades. Indeed, makeup has become more accessible than ever. In the end, though, deciding which of these products best suits your needs and preferences will be up to you.

Stay beautiful!

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