The Dip Powder Manicure Trend: What You Need to Know

Odds are, while scrolling through Tik Tok or Instagram, you come across a video of the incredibly satisfying method of a dip powder manicure. The result is a beautifully fresh set of manicured nails that offer the flexibility of a gel manicure and the durability of an acrylic manicure without the lasting damage to your natural nail.

The Dip Powder Manicure Trend

So What is a Dip Powder Manicure?

This technique involves dipping the nail into a powder and then applying a clear sealant over the top resulting in a long-lasting and chip-resistant manicure that lasts upwards of one full month. And here’s the kicker, you can apply your own dip manicure from the comfort of your home.

Dip Powder Manicure Steps

    1. Prep your nails: Just as you would before any manicure, you want to start with a clean nail free of any oils or dirt. Gently scrub your nails with warm (not hot!) water and soap before drying and following up with general maintenance like trimming and filing.
    2. Apply Bonder: Once your nails are prepped, a bonder is then applied so that the product can properly adhere to the nail bed and prevent any lifting.
    3. Apply Base Polish and Powder: Working on one nail at a time, apply the base polish before dipping the nail into a tray of powder. Brush off any excess powder and move right along to the next nail. Depending on how rich you wish your color to be, you may want to dip each nail a few more times until the desired shade is reached.
    4. Apply Top Coat: After a few minutes, apply the top coat of polish, which will set and harden the product.

While the dip tray is a common method used at home, you will find that salons use the brush-on method to avoid any cross-contamination of powder between guests.

The Benefits of a Dip Powder Manicure

The dip powder manicure is just about as simple as applying a traditional coat of polish and can be done from your own home; no trip to the salon necessary! Dip powder manicures also provide the benefit of a long-lasting manicure (up to a month!) without the nail damage that can be caused by acrylic nail applications or UV lights used in gel nail applications. Many dip powders such as SNS Nails use nutrient-rich formulas containing vitamins E, C, and B5 that optimize nail strength and health.

The overall nail maintenance of a dip powder manicure can save you time and money in the long run, especially if applied at home. The removal of the dip powder manicure is often a lot less damaging to the natural nail than the removal of both gel and acrylic sets.

Proper Dip Powder Manicure Removal

As with any method of manicure, proper removal is crucial in avoiding any nail damage. Avoid peeling off your dip powder manicure as this can tear at the layers of your nails leaving you with brittleness that may take months to recover.

Tools You’ll Need

    1. Nail File
    2. Cotton Balls
    3. Acetone
    4. Foil

Step 1: Begin the removal process by filing down the top layer allowing the acetone to penetrate the powder.

Step 2: Wrap your nails in acetone-soaked cotton balls and then fold a piece of foil around the tip of your finger to keep the cotton ball in place and allow the acetone to dissolve the powder bond.

Step 3: After removing the foil and cotton balls from your nails, the powder should simply rub off with the swipe of another cotton ball. Depending on how many coats were applied, you may need to repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 4: Tend to your natural nail with a nice gentle scrub and cuticle mask and moisturizer. It is important to give your nail beds a rest between manicures allowing them to breathe and regain strength before the next application.

Dip powder manicures are a fabulous way to flaunt your own style while taking care of the overall health of your nails.

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