Essential Guide To Choosing The Perfect Blue Hair Conditioner Kit

Choosing the perfect blue hair conditioner kit is essential for achieving vibrant blue hair while ensuring your locks remain healthy and lustrous. With an array of shades available, from orange to green, finding the right kit can transform your look and express your unique style.

Before embarking on this colorful journey, start with light blonde hair, bleached hair, or a white base for optimal color payoff. The lighter your color, the darker hair color you can achieve. A semi-permanent hair color kit is recommended for best results, designed specifically for colored hair and especially beneficial after highlighting.

blue hair conditioner kit

Key Features of a Blue Hair Conditioner Kit

When exploring the vast ocean of hair care, oVertone’s Into the Blue Conditioner Kit stands out for its unique features designed to create blue color hair and maintain a vibrant blue shade.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes this kit a must-have:

Comprehensive kit contents. Each kit includes two Coloring Conditioners (8 fl. oz./237 ml each), ensuring you have enough product to achieve vibrant results and maintain them over time.

Formulation and ingredients. The kit prides itself on a 100% vegan, cruelty-free formula devoid of harsh chemicals like ammonia, parabens, and sulfates. It’s enriched with plant-based oils and extracts, including shea butter, sesame seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and coconut oil. This nourishing blend not only colors but also conditions your hair, leaving it soft and less prone to breakage.

Versatility and suitability. Designed for blonde or light brown hair, the kit is compatible with all hair types and is curl-friendly. It’s especially effective on shades lighter than medium brown or darker color-treated hair, making it a versatile choice for those looking to dive into blue hues without compromising hair health.

This conditioner kit adds color and tackles brassiness, making it an ideal choice for those aiming for a brunette look with a twist of a vivid blue blast. The inclusion of a variety of natural oils ensures your hair remains hydrated and lustrous, embodying the essence of clean beauty in hair color.

Maintaining Your Blue Hair Color

Maintaining your vibrant blue hair color requires a blend of careful practices and the right products. Here’s how you can keep your blue locks looking fresh and lively:

Shampoo and conditioner

Opt for sulfate-free and color-safe shampoo and conditioner to prevent color from fading too quickly. Washing your hair in cool water can also help preserve the color.

Minimize heat and sun exposure

Limit the use of flat iron and other heat-styling tools. Also, protect your hair from UV rays. Consider using a UV shielding leave-in conditioner when sun exposure is unavoidable. Remember, excessive heat can cause your color to fade.

Regular touch-ups and treatments

    • Extend non-wash days by using dry shampoo if necessary.
    • Use a deep conditioning treatment regularly to maintain hair health and vibrancy.
    • Avoid alcohol-based hair products, as they can strip color.
    • For an added boost, make your own blue hair gloss by mixing 3 parts anti-color fade deep conditioner with 1 part hair dye every 2 washes.
    • Stick to high-quality hair dyes for touch-ups.

Adding these hair care tips to your beauty routine will help you enjoy your blue hair color for longer, ensuring it stays as striking and vivid as the day you dyed it.


What are the best colors to wear if I have blue hair?

To complement blue hair, consider wearing clothes in orange, yellow, and pink for a bold look. Black and white are also excellent choices that pair well with blue hair. Matching blue hair with a blue outfit is also a fashionable option.

How do I select the appropriate hair color from a hair dye?

When choosing a box hair color, it’s important to select a shade that harmonizes with your skin’s undertones. Warm skin tones are flattered by warm hair colors, while cool skin tones pair well with cool hair colors. Determining your skin’s undertones is key to making the right choice.

What is the result of applying orange dye to blue hair?

Applying orange dye over blue hair can help neutralize the blue, as orange is the complementary color to blue on the color wheel. To achieve the best results, the intensity of the orange dye should match the current shade of blue in your hair. For faded light blue hair, a light or pastel orange dye is recommended.


Embarking on the journey to vibrant blue hair is akin to making a bold statement of individuality and style.

The significance of using products that stand out for their cruelty-free formula and suitability for various hair types cannot be overstated. Its contributions to achieving and maintaining the perfect shade of blue while navigating the challenges of color fade and hair health mirror the broader implications of making informed choices in hair care. Whether you’re a first-timer or looking to enhance your current color, the insights provided serve as a fundamental resource for embracing a stunning shade of blue that truly reflects your personality and style.

The key takeaway reinforces the importance of starting with the right base color, selecting a kit that not only dyes but nourishes, and committing to a maintenance routine that protects and prolongs the vibrancy of your blue hair.

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