A Look At Some Of The Best Ass 2022

Everybody has a preference over boobs and ass, and you’d be surprised at how many people are the latter! For booty fanatics, there are hundreds of online sites that show you the best anal porn with big ass too, so you’ll never have to settle for anything less than your preferred look. Big, sculpted behinds really became a trend again thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and other bootilicious celebs. So, if you’re definitely a booty kind of person, keep reading and let’s take a look at some of the best ass out there in 2022!

best ass

Jen Selter

24-year old Jen Selter is well known amongst her followers for having the best bum on Instagram. Just one quick look at her content, and you can easily see how hard she must train to achieve such a booty. Jen has also been on television to talk about health and fitness too, showing her dedication to her lifestyle. Booties like hers don’t come easily!

Mackenzie Dern

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler Mackenzie Dern is one of the best in the sport and competes at the highest levels. With over 20 gold medals to her name, she didn’t debut in MMA until recently in 2016. Mackenzie has been training for this her entire life, and it definitely shows when you see her amazing physique. It’s not everyday that you see a booty like this, so training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has lots of benefits to it as well as being a brilliant fighter. Be sure to catch her next matches and give her a follow on social media to keep up with her career and toned behind.

Paige Hathaway

It’s not surprise that a lot of the ladies on this list are super into fitness. It seems that working out your legs and bum gives you that perfectly, sculpted booty that people dream about. Paige Hathaway is no exception to this trend either! A fitness athlete at heart, she’s all about showing women that they can be sexy with muscles despite the stereotype. Hathaway is completely stunning, so really, you’d be silly to agree with this outdated stereotype in the first place!

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe is an influencer how puts a lot of emphasis on body positivity. While gym booties are gorgeous, that doesn’t mean others aren’t too, and Megan Jayne demonstrates this perfectly. So, if you prefer a more natural looking bum, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram and follow her for lots of beautiful content that shows you all booties are wonderful.

Ashley Kaltwasser

A 3 time Ms. Bikini Olympia winner, it’s obvious that Ashley Kaltwasser is going to have a perfect derrière. Known for her stunning behind, Ashley no longer competes but instead shows off her ideal physique on social media for her masses of followers.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is one of the biggest booty influencers out there. With over 11 million followers, she’s able to promote her fantastic e-book that show you how you can Build a Booty with Amanda. She even released a calendar that showed off her best asset too back in 2017. So, go give her a follow if you want to not only see a stunning bum, but maybe get one yourself!

Suzie B

Suzie B is known for her intense leg workouts that really help to tone and sculpt your bum. This bootilicious influencer also shows off her adorable Golden Doodle, Winston too, so you’ll get some cute content as well as booty growing workouts.

Nikki Blakketter

Gymshark are one of the biggest workout gear brands out there, so obviously their ambassadors need to look the part too. Nikki Blakketter is not only an ambassador but also an athlete, so you can only assume that she works out a whole lot more than regular people. Thanks to her tight workout regimes, her booty has grown to epic, peachy proportions.

Toni Mitchell

Most people assume that you’ve got to eat a lot of meaty protein to grow a big booty, but Toni Mitchell proves otherwise. A Women’s Best sponsored body builder, Toni shows you that you can be vegan and use all that plant power to sculpt a big bum. So, if you also want delicious vegan recipes that will help your booty get bigger, definitely give her a follow.

Amanda Elise Lee

Everybody knows Kim Kardashian, and people tend to remember one very specific asset of hers. Whether or not you believe Kim K is au naturale, you only need to take a look at her former trainer to see that just maybe she was. Amanda Elise Lee is one of the best booty sculpting trainers out there for celebs, so it’s no wonder that Kim K enlisted her help.

Having a great booty doesn’t always mean you have to workout 24/7 and eat a boring diet of chicken and rice. In fact, you can have a juicy bum without doing any of those things, but it can help. If you take a look at all these women with brilliant behinds, most of them focus on working out their lower body and eating plenty of food. So, if you’re looking for your new favourite booty online, be sure to check out the ones on this list and see some of the best behinds of 2022.

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