6 Effective Ways to Help You Sleep Better

We unknowingly spend a third of the time in our life sleeping and resting. With proper and good quality sleep, you will be able to do daily activities more smoothly and without a hitch. Meanwhile, the disruption of sleep quality can cause health problems and even make you prone to get stressed and depressed. Disruption of sleep quality can happen due to a lot of reasons. Too much caffeine, uncomfortable room temperature, lack of working out, stress, and many other factors that can contribute to sleep problems.

If you are facing sleep problems and wonder why you can’t sleep at night, then there are several ways to restore the quality of your sleep to a better condition. One way that can be done is to redecorate your bedroom so that your sleep becomes more restful and of good quality.

We have summarized some tips you can follow through to improve sleep quality below!

Effective Ways to Help You Sleep Better

1. Paint the walls with calming color

The wall colors of your bedroom can greatly influence your room feels because they will be the focal point of your room design. When choosing wall paint for your room, make sure that you avoid using brightly colored wall paint because bright colors can subconsciously trigger your senses. As a result, it’s easy for you to wake up at night and thus make your sleep quality poor.

Because the room will be used as a place for you to relax and rest, it is better to choose a neutral or calming color like ocean blue, pale yellow, muted green, or white for your wall pain. These colors can help you to relieve stress better, and make the body more relaxed, thus you can sleep faster and soundly throughout the budget.

2. Choose a good quality mattress

The mattress is an important component to improve sleep quality. Choosing a comfortable bed with the right pillow is one effective way to help you sleep more comfortably. The right mattress also contributes to ensuring you maintain a good posture while sleeping. So, if you have extra money – don’t hesitate to invest and buy a good quality mattress because it can do wonders for your health.

3. Keep the bedroom clean and tidy

The next tip you should do is to try to keep your bedroom clean and tidy at all times. Make sure there are no piles of clothes or boxes inside your bedroom. In addition, avoiding piles of goods also prevents mosquitoes from entering the bedroom. This is because mosquitoes like to live and breed in piles of items such as piles of clothes and boxes.

4. Use your favorite aromatherapy

Utilizing aromatherapy and keeping it around your bedroom can also do wonders to help you sleep better. Soothing aromatherapy such as lavender and jasmine can help to relax and calm you, thus as a result your rest and sleep quality will then improve. This method can make you sleep soundly throughout the night!

5. Set the lighting properly

Light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that can be a natural sleeping pill. Thus you need to reduce lighting in the bedroom to sleep better. You can turn off the lights before going to bed because a dark room will be ideal for sleeping. You can also install a curtain in the bedroom to avoid outside light from entering your bedroom. But if you find it difficult to reduce or block outside light, you try sleeping with an eye mask.

6. Ensure you have the right room temperature

Studies have shown that room temperature is also one of the key factors in determining whether you will be able to sleep well or not. One study found that increased heat exposure decreased the amount of slow wave and REM sleep – the last stage of sleep.

Room temperature is one example of an environmental discomfort that can make it difficult to close your eyes or sleep. Keeping the room temperature low can prevent you from waking up feeling hot and humid in the middle of the night. Also, body temperature usually drops as you fall asleep, so lowering your room temperature can aid this process and help you fall asleep more easily.

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Those are some tips you can follow to ensure your bedroom can be the best place for you to achieve better sleep quality. Improving your quality of sleep so that your body stays healthy can do wonders to prevent your stress level.

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