5 Must-buy Nature Republic Products to Look Vibrant

Color is such an important thing in this world. It makes everything look nice and full of life. Like pictures, we started having black and white pictures until colored pictures came to life which made everything much livelier. It is also an important aspect when it comes to food, clothing, cosmetics, and so much more. We all know that we all have our “own color” to match our taste and personality.

No one wants to look boring and dull on a Friday night out with their friends. Even more, on a special occasion like weddings, anniversaries, or birthday parties. Fortunately, cosmetic products existed. You cannot deny that it played a big role as a beauty enhancer when you needed it most. Some of the top leading cosmetic brands came all the way from South Korea and as we all know, Koreans are well-known for their cosmetic and skincare products as well as for their good-looking skin.

One of the popular brands when it comes to Korean cosmetics, Nature Republic, not only focuses on producing natural skincare products but they also produce makeup products that can help you look vibrant and youthful for any occasion. Their products are also made from high quality ingredients that will not harm your skin. Below are some of their products that will help you achieve that vibrant look.

Nature Republic Products to Look Vibrant
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1. Real Matte Lipstick

With 10 shades to choose from, this lipstick series cannot let you down. It is nearly impossible not to fall in love with these super pigmented lipsticks that perfectly glides on your lips while giving your lips great color and extraordinary moisture not to dry it out throughout the day. It gets better with the velvety and silky finish it offers. It only costs US$ 13.90 per piece.

2. Moist Angel Lip Balm Plumping

Guaranteed to keep your lips well moisturized, this lip balm also gives off a nice color even when you use it by itself. It is infused with Rosehip Oil and Plum Seed Oil for a healthier and more plump lips. It also gives your lips that natural lively color and a plump effect for a long period of time. There are 2 shades to choose from, Envy Red for a much darker red and Delight Red for a brighter red. It costs US$ 9.41.



3. Pro Touch Multi Use Palette

As what the name says, this palette is multifunctional as it can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. If you are new to blending, you can experiment with these as it is super easy to blend and the pigmentation is great too. It also sticks to the skin easily without producing any clumps. It comes in 2 variations, #01 May and #02 April and it only costs US$ 21.90.

4. Eco Crayon Eyes

Nature Republic’s super portable eye makeup you can grab whenever you need it. This eye shadow stick is available in 5 colors that will make you look vividly beautiful. It is also easy to apply as it glides onto your eyelids smoothly and it has a long-lasting effect. It also gives a glittery effect that makes a shining, shimmering, splendid effect on your eyelids. It only costs US$ 7.90.

Nature Republic Products  green color
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5. By Flower Blusher

Making sure to give you a cheek full of life and color, this blusher aims to achieve a petal-like makeup effect on the cheeks. It is also made with the finest ingredients to give you a long-lasting effect upon application. You can choose from 5 colors that will suit to your liking. This will definitely give your cheek a vibrant look and it only costs US$ 8.90.

Color is really important in our daily lives. It can manipulate your every decision in life whether you are going to buy a certain product or not. Also, living a happy and colorful life is contagious to everyone around you. Looking vibrant can also make you feel vibrant, and vibrance is a great thing.

Some people wear makeup to look good but some wear it to feel good. Having great cosmetic products like Nature Republic’s can give you the same thing, make you look good and feel good.

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