7 Things To Remember When You Are Traveling To Spain!

Spain, a country with rich cultural traditions and one of the richest ones in the world. Though Spain is famous for its Flamenco music, bullfights, and beaches, and of course, their locals. Spain is located in extreme Southern Europe. The land covers most of the Iberian Peninsula and shares its borders with France, Portugal, and Andorra. The historical facts of Spain are also very strong, and from there only they have maintained their disciplined and democratic constitutions. Besides these golden historical facts, Spain is also recognized as a heaven for tourists, and therefore they have made a record for the most foreign tourist arrivals in their country.

There Are Too Many Things To Do In Spain, Here Are Just A Few Of Them:

traveling to Spain


Anywhere you go, learning the national language of that particular place is a must. In Spain, learning Spanish is a necessity, without knowing Spanish, you can’t communicate with the locals even. In an unknown country, when all you have is you, and you don’t even know Spanish, it can be a great problem for you. Even if you are bad at learning languages, try to remember the most common or famous sentences. Examples include Por Favor, Gracias, Lo Siento, Hola, etc.

The Local Customs

In Spain, there is a custom that the locals eat a bit late. If you want to look like a perfect local, try to adhere to these customs. Though you will find many restaurants open in midday, most of them are closed due to their old tradition. On Sundays, at the time you have your lunch, you are going to have brunches in the form of breakfast. The customs are a bit difficult to follow, but they just need two to three days, and you are going to get used to it.

The Tips

traveling to Spain

It feels kind of weird when it is about tipping in restaurants. In our country, we use to tip as much as possible so that we don’t look cheap, but in Spain, it is totally opposite, the lesser you tip, the better it is. Many tourists tip more than 20% of the restaurant’s bill, it is not a common practice by Spaniards, so try to avoid tipping. If you couldn’t stop yourself, try to leave a few euros or change. You should also keep in mind that the goods and services you buy include VAT, at a rate that is different for some particular types of items.

Barcelona’s Wine Bars

Spain and wine are the best combinations when you want to party all night. If you have a day free, head to one of these wine trails and enjoy every sip of red and white wines. Wine tours Spain offers you every different kind of wine made in Spain. Once you head to these bars, you are going to forget the ambiance of your wine trails.

Shopping Freaks

It is rendered invalid if you take a photo of a random product from the market. First, you need to ask the vendor, if he refuses then you are not allowed to take photos, most vendors do not argue with people and let them do what they want to do. It all depends on the mood, if the mood of the vendor is good, he might let you take a picture of the product, and if his mood is bad, then your luck is bad too.

Sales and Discounts

Bargaining in Spain is quite a normal practice, but if you want to look like a local, you should be a tough bargainer. However, if you are not good at bargaining, then you can also avail sales and discount offers on certain malls or markets. There is also a twice-annual city-wide sales in Spain which are held mostly between January and February or July and August.

La Sagrada Família

One of the most breath-taking and alluring views from this place are nothing compare to cost. Though you have to pay a fee for the entrance, once you enter it, Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece will definitely captivate your attention. It is better to spend some time in this place, where beautiful and colorful buildings will surround you, just relax and enjoy yourselves.

Bike Rides

traveling to Spain

Bike rides alongside the road of La Barceloneta to Llevant beach are unforgettable. The beach and the sunshine will be perfect for your Instagram Stories, and Facebook posts, and other social media apps. A lunch alongside the beach would be the most mesmerizing feeling ever.

Central Hotels

Many tourists take out-of-the-way hotels just to save money. It is the most foolish idea, as you are going to get away from all the popular tourist attractions and all the famous restaurants, so nevertheless, the transportation cost will become too costly for you. There are also many affordable hotels in the center of the city of Barcelona, you just need to find the perfect one for you.

No Expensive Breakfasts

Croissants, omelets, pastries, egg, etc. are one of the most elite breakfasts of Spain, with being the most elite, it also means that they are very expensive too. There is no need to spend so much money on breakfast, just take a few steps outside your hotel, go to the nearest café and have a $5 breakfast. Though a $5 breakfast will not be very much elite, it will be very affordable.

No Dinners at 6

As said earlier, that Spain has a custom of having late meals, you are not going to find any restaurants’ door open before 8 p.m. So try to go out after 8, and have a relaxing dinner at any restaurant.

Cooking Classes

Learning how to cook Catalan dishes and Spanish dishes will upgrade your cooking skills a lot. As these dishes have many ingredients, it is also a good way to enhance your skills and learn something new. Moreover, these cooking classes a lot more affordable than eating inexpensive restaurants.

Spain is a beautiful country and everyone should visit it at least once in a lifetime. From historical facts to modern buildings, Hail Spain!

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