7 Less-Known Ways to Curl Your Hair

Curling your hair is one of the best ways to enhance your looks. Whether you want shiny, long, short or voluminous curls, there are different ways to glam your looks. For many years, heating tools, blow dryers, andis stylist combo for curls and curling irons have been used to curl hair. If you are not a fan of heating tools check out more options of no heat hair curlers here. While these are popular ways, this article takes a look at several less known ways to curl your hair.

Less-Known Ways to Curl Your Hair
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1 A Sock Bun

A sock bun is an ideal way to curl your hair without using heat tools. It is equally an easy way to achieve curls because you only need to wrap your hair around a sock bun. It creates gorgeous, short or long curls. The trick is to do the bun in the evening, sleep on the bun and let the magic happen.

2 The Ponytail Trick

The ponytail trick is an easy way to achieve cute curls. It takes a few minutes and it adds volume to your hair. You only need to pop your hair into a ponytail, then separate hair into small or bigger sections based on the curls you want. Curl each section, leave it for a few minutes, and let down your hair for beautiful waves.

3 Flexible Rollers

Before going to bed, you can use flexible rollers to curl your hair. Rollers are available in different sizes. Therefore, you can choose what suits your needs best. To achieve the best results, wash or wet your hair with a conditioner. This will help to hold the curls in place for amazingly beautiful, bouncy and silky curls.

Velcro rollers, for instance, are an excellent curling alternative. They save your hair from the damaging effects of heat curling irons. The rollers also add volume and give your hair body. For tight curls, always use smaller rollers but for big and voluminous curls, go for larger rollers.

4 Scrunching

You can also achieve wavy curls through scrunching. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get those natural and gorgeous curls. You will need a gel or a mousse, volumizing shampoo and a towel. Wash your hair and condition it. Squeeze excess water from your hair and start scrunching using a gel or mousse. Scrunch upwards to avoid making your hair too greasy.

5 Pin Curls

Using pins to curl your hair is a classic way to achieve cute waves. You only need to pin your hair before you sleep. When you wake up, remove the pins for cute curls.

6 Headband

A headband can also give you beautiful curls. Start by wetting your hair and detangle it using a wide-toothed comb. Place a headband over your hair and pull down till it sits on your forehead, over your hair. The curls will start from the place where the headband sits. This means you can always adjust the headband to a position that will give you the desired curls.

Less-Known Ways to Curl Your Hair
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You can read a book, watch your favorite movie or simply take a walk as your curls set. When wrapping the hair around the headband, use small sections. Always begin from one side as you work close to your face for cute curls. Most importantly, let the hair dry on the band before you remove it. Shake out the curls, and you can scrunch lightly for more elegant vintage curls. Hold your curls in place using a mousse.

7 Twist

Whether your hair is long or short, twist it to get the desired curls. As you twist, you can ensure that you get a tight grip around the barrel. If you want long lasting curls, use curling products to hold the curls in place. You will get beachy curls that remain beautifully in place even on a bad hair day.

With these less known ways, you can achieve flirty, gorgeous and amazing curls in the most natural way. Try out what works for you and enhance your hairstyle.

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