7 Fun & Easy Ways To Improve Your Spa Routine

Modern life is always busy and often stressful. The occasional spa day is necessary to keep you looking and feeling your best. While a trip to an actual spa can prove time-consuming and expensive, you can undergo a refreshing, rejuvenating routine right in your home. All you have to do is compile the necessary materials and put them to good use.

While everyone has their preferred routine, there are certain spa-day mainstays you’d be silly to overlook. Here are seven great ideas to make your next spa day the best you’ve ever had.

home spa routine

Do Some Dry-Brushing

Dry-brushing might seem more appropriate for a horse than a human being, but it’s a surefire way to loosen up your body and improve your skin. The brushing motion significantly increases blood flow, and all that extra oxygen will boost your overall well-being. Dry-brushing is also great for kicking your skin’s collagen production up a gear. Experts suggest starting with your feet and then slowly moving up your body. By the time you’re finished, your skin should be softer and more elastic than ever.

Pick Up a Spa Headband From Kitsch

Any spa day worth the name should feature a Kitsch headband. Not only do these products make the entire experience more comfortable and luxurious, but they also serve several practical purposes. For one thing, they keep your hair clean when you’re applying face masks or any other gooey treatments. They also keep the oil from your hair from seeping down and clogging your pores. If you want to make the most of your headband, you can even wear it into the shower to keep your hair secure. The spa headbands from Kitsch are especially cozy and stylish, making them perfect for your home spa routine.

Give Yourself a Hand Massage

While hand cream itself has all sorts of positive effects, it’s the application of your favorite products that represents the biggest treat of all. There’s something about massaging lotion into your hands that makes the world’s troubles melt away. Make sure you have your favorite hand cream ready for your next spa day, and take the time to enjoy the application process. The more you focus on the enjoyment, the more rewarding the experience will be.

Light Some Candles Around the Bath

A warm bath is relaxing enough in its own right, but lighting some candles around the exterior will take the experience to the next level. The flickering flame and the rich aroma will turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa. To really feel the effect, try turning off the lights. By the time you finish bathing, you’ll feel an inner peace you never would have imagined your bathroom could produce.

Treat Yourself to a Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are more than silly playthings masquerading as treatments. They’re truly wonderful for creating a delicious smell and a beautiful look in your bathtub. Think of them as candles for the water. Once you’ve given them a try, you’re sure to make them a regular part of your spa routine.

Give Your Feet a Bath Salt Soak

While every part of the body enjoys the relaxing aspects of a thorough spa treatment, the feet seem especially appreciative. After supporting all your weight as you walk around the world, they deserve some tender loving care. Bath salts work to smooth calluses and relieve aches and pains. You can then look for a foot massage near me to end off the foot treatment!

Exfoliate Your Skin

The skin on your face is likely suffering from the dead cells that clog pores and cause irritating conditions. Exfoliation is a proven method for removing those dead cells and giving your skin some room to breathe. A simple exfoliation cream will have your face looking and feeling better than ever.

Conclusion: Make Your Home the World’s Most Luxurious Spa

Luxury isn’t so much a definite characteristic as a state of mind. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the very essence of luxury right in your own home. The DIY spa treatments listed above will allow you to treat yourself like the goddess you are. Give them a shot next time you want to revamp your home spa routine.

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