4 Salon Marketing and Business Development Tips To Try

Salons are fun, exciting places for everyone to visit. When you go to the salon, you spend time getting pampered and feeling beautiful and refreshed afterward. A haircut really can be the boost you need to feel great. Not to mention the other beauty services salons offer. As a salon owner, you are providing these enriching and lovely experiences for your clients and you want to do it well. You also want to bring people in so they can enjoy your amazing services. This is where marketing strategies and business plans can be a huge help to you.

While people love going to the salon, there are often a lot of them to choose from. How can you make your shop stand out? In what ways can your marketing make you seem unique and special? What business developments can push you over the top? Answering these questions will give you a leg up and help you find success with your company. Let’s look at a few different ways you can take steps with your marketing to improve your salon.

1. Rely on great marketing software

When you are planning ways to reach potential customers and coming up with a marketing strategy, you can’t do it all alone. There are so many ways to reach people through social media, emails, or ads, but you want to increase your visibility for your target market. Luckily, there are software programs and marketing tools that can be a great way to reach new clients without the hassle. With marketing planning software, you can share when you’re posting stuff on combined calendars, work on your campaigns in a unique way, budget your marketing, and figure out the capacity you can take on. By using professional help, you increase your credibility and use smarter tactics to reach new customers. A marketing team and planning software are the best things to try and boost your numbers.

2. Have top-of-the-line equipment


One way to help your salon stand out in the beauty industry is with the best tools and stylists. You want your customers to walk in and see beautiful, comfortable chairs and state-of-the-art hairdryers and styling tools. If they come in and see a mess or old tools, what kind of message is that sending to them? Caring about the products and equipment you use will help your business grow by making your salon stand out from its competitors. It also proves to your customers that they matter to you.

3. Create promotions and get the community involved

The goal of marketing is to get more people in the door. Creating promotions is a great way to do this. By giving something back to loyal customers, you are helping create that loyalty for your brand. Consider starting membership cards or offering a discount if you bring in a new client. There are also ways to get the community more invested and involved with your local business. Sponsor an event or offer a lower-priced haircut for teachers at the local schools. Get creative with ways to involve more potential clients and see how your salon business grows.

4. Take advantage of social media in new ways


Social media has always been a great marketing tool, but now there are more ways to use it than ever. Consider new ways to use social media not just to post about your salon, but as a true collaboration tool. Think about working with an influencer or encouraging your clients to post about their services and tag your social media accounts. Establish your salon’s brand online and actually interact with customers to add that personalized touch.

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