4 Essentials To Know About Wedge Shoes

Wedges should be a part of every woman’s shoe collection. But how do you wear or style them with different garbs in your wardrobe? Are there styles that you can wear them or just specific ones? After all, wedges are in many types, and so are the array of styling options that you can try with them. If you want to buy your first wedge at your boutique store, choose wedge sandals as they are the most comfortable of most of them. Read on to learn of 4 essentials to know about wedge shoes to rock comfortable and fashionable heels.

 Know About Wedge Shoes
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1. Picking Out Wedges

Wedges range from boots, heels, and sandals and so you can pick the one that favors you most. The beauty of the wedge shoe is that the heel runs under the entire foot to the front. So how do you pick the right wedge for you? Consider the height and style of the wedge. The height should matter with how often you will wear them and the occasions you will wear them. Choose lower inches for casual events for your wedges, higher for dinner, and dressier events, a 4-inch wedge heel will suit this occasion. Therefore, depending on the event the heel of the wedge will matter to blend well and for comfort. Also, choose the style you prefer for your wedge, and if you want one to wear often, neutral colors will come in handy. While for a bold wedge, it tends to draw all the attention to your feet. Also, there are styling options like peep toes, pump foot, and espadrilles.

2. Styling For Wedges

Know About Wedge Shoes
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What outfit should you wear with your wedge shoes? As you choose the best for your wedge, note that some are a perfect match with wedges while others are not. The best outfits to match with wedges are maxi skirts, bohemian style, wrap dresses, thin fabrics, shorts, and bohemian styles as well, and you can match all these with coats in this online boutique a complete look. On the other hand, be cautious as you wear wedges with capris, pencil skirts, and pants with straight or narrow legs. Consult a stylist if you want to know how best to style your wedges or borrow ideas from various fashion bloggers.

3. Wedges For Every Occasion

Know About Wedge Shoes
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Wedges like most of the other shoes, you can have different styles for different occasions. Besides, wedge heels are the most versatile shoes that you can wear from weddings to the office. Still, they will feel and look the part. Since there is a wedge shoe for everyone and every occasion, choose one that feels right for you. If you want one for work to shift from the high heels that you have, opt for wedge pumps for they are comfortable and easy to move in unless you have an easy-going work environment. For a wedding, wedge sandals in whites or pastels are the best option. Ensure you balance your look no matter the occasion to ensure the shoe does not overwhelm you.

4. Pros and Cons

Like any other shoe you have in your wardrobe, there are pros and cons. Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons. A few examples are wedges add height, are fashionable, easy to walk in comparison to stilettoes. Also, it is versatile as it looks beautiful with almost any outfit you pair it with, and still, they are classy, for they are eye-catching. Wear them to add shape and definition and to give you a slimming appearance. However, do not run in wedges as they are still heels. Plus, to find elegant wedges can be a challenge to find in comparison to other heels. Finally, wedges look clunky when you style them with super tight clothing.

To sum up, how to wear, choose and style wedges is more of your personal choice. Importantly, keep in mind that balance is important as much as they work with any outfit imaginable. Care for your sandals well and have various of them for work and dressier occasions to enjoy their comfort and style. Shop for trending wedge sandals as well to add to your collection.

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