10 Tips on How to Pick and Style Small Accent Chairs

If you have some extra space in your living room, adding an accent chair is a simple but effective way to decorate it. In addition to elevating the style of your space, an accent chair can also serve a functional purpose, making your space feel more homely and comfortable. Here are some tips for picking the right accent chair for your space and styling it correctly.

small accent chair

Consider the Purpose

Generally, an accent chair serves a decorative purpose. But beyond the general purpose of this type of chair, you also need to consider the specific reason for getting a small accent chair. This usually depends on whether the chair will be placed in your living room, a corner of your bedroom, a reading nook, or an office. Knowing the function of your accent chair will help you choose the right style and size for you.

Consider your Space

Before buying any furniture, it makes sense to take precise measurements or have a general idea of how much space you have available. Your accent chair must have enough space around it to allow comfortable movement.

Focus on Proportions

As the name suggests, a small accent chair is small (probably the smallest furniture piece in the room). You need to consider its proportion with respect to other items in the room. The right proportion and balance will ensure the chair blends properly with the rest of your furniture.


accent chair

Image: 1825 Interiors

Although styling is important, you don’t want to compromise comfort. This typically depends on the size and materials the chair is made from. Adequate padding and pad support also contribute to the comfort level you’re likely to get from using the chair.

Pay Attention to the Legs

When picking an accent chair, most people overlook the chair’s leg completely. But the leg is an essential aspect of the chair’s overall appearance. The style and materials of the legs will also determine how comfortable and durable they’ll be.

How to style a small accent chair

Choose a theme

What overall theme do you want to achieve in the room where you’ll be placing the chair? Determine the overall style, then choose an accent chair that fits your interior design.

Explore Different Materials and styles

Accent chairs can be made from fabric, leather, wood, or metal. Consider how the chair’s material fits into the room’s overall vibe. This applies to the style of the accent chair as well. Your accent chair can be an armchair, club chair, wingback chair, or slippers chair. Each of these fits into different room styles.

Play with Colors and Patterns

A small accent chair is an excellent way to introduce a pop of colour or interesting patterns into your space. You can opt for a bold-coloured chair if your room has a neutral palette. Alternatively, if the room has a vibrant colour pattern, you can choose a subtle colour for your chair.

Mix and Match

If you’re getting more than one type of accent chair, they don’t have to be identical. Mixing and matching different styles or colours of small accent chairs can create an eclectic and visually appealing look.

Add Cozy Accessories

You can enhance the comfort and style of your small accent chairs by adding cozy accessories like decorative throw pillows or a soft throw blanket that complements the chair’s colour or pattern.

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