“The Raw Beauty of Mountain Runa” by Xenia Cserkun

Photographer: Xenia Cserkun  Models: Valentyna Vulpe & Anastasia Fofanova  Makeup Artist: Natalia Dobrotvorska  Retoucher: Xenia Cserkun  Creative Director: Xenia Cserkun 


Polonyna Runa is a mountain in Ukraine, one the most energetic and magic places of Ukrainian Carpathian mountains, an elevation of 1480 meters.

At the soviet time there was located the former military object – a radar station of far observation. The remains of it can be found of the top as a reminder about the soviet war obsession.

This a contrasting combination of picturesque nature, sky, clouds that you can almost reach to and concrete ruins makes this place a perfect playground or the creatives from all around the region.

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