“Movement of Expression” by David Smoler

Photographer: David Smoler Models: Kiera King, Emily Crosato, Aleksia Vulcevic, Aleksia Vulcevic, Janine Fong, Elise Zannit Makeup Artist: Kristina Persichini Hair Stylist: Hung Tran Salon: Blow It’s a Hair Thing

Published 2017 August Vol III

Inspiration / Stimulus behind the collection

Outside the methods of cutting, colouring, styling and the like, in each of my works I look to instill the dynamics of personality. These can be great and varied, but what makes the collection is my ability to capture an honest expression. My work is not a simple replica of what is contemporary; the end product is a culmination of particular thoughts and emotions. My work represents an expression, and the integrity, frankness, directness and candid nature of my work leaves a lasting impression.

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