“Meeting at Midnight” by Agnieszka Sokolowska

Photographer: Agnieszka Sokolowska  Model: Magdalena Halman  Makeup Artist: Adrianna Piotrowska  Styling & Set Design: Agnieszka Sokolowska  Wardrobe: H&M, vintage clothes & tailored skirt

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Our everyday life is based on recognizing the symbols and associations. There are symbols of forms. Forms of the symbols. Relation: object – symbol and symbolic of an object. And so on.
Does the meanings of symbols are narrowing our perception? Or do they simplify our functioning in the world? Does the knowledge of symbols reduces the openness of the mind? Does the symbol limits our imagination in fully receiving the impulses and forms that are surrounding us? No and yes, depends how You look at it. Nevertheless, sometimes we believe so strongly in the stereotypes that are surrounding us, that we forgot or do not want to think about the real construction and genesis of them. And we close ourselves, to not give an effort. Belief in old schemes is often a source of unhappiness, bears false predictions and unfulfilled expectations in life. We attempt to fulfill someone else’s visions, waiting for good, but we stay empty and disappointed instead. We should just let ourselves go through life in our own, new way.
Let ourselves see things in a creative way.

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