“ISME” by Roberto Maroto Polo

Photographer: Roberto Maroto Polo  Models: Irene Díez & Natalie Hughes  Design & style: Alba Camarillas  Hair & Makeup Artist: Iván González

Spanish photographer Roberto Maroto Polo, presents us through his unique vision the first collection of designer and stylist AlbaCamarillas: -ISME.

Based on French impressionism in the late nineteenth century, -ISME is a collection inspired by three icons of this artistic movement.

On the one hand, we have the first part of the collection,influenced by the architecture of the Eiffel Tower; a second drinking from the source of “The Bathers” by Cezanne, and finally the pieces inspired by “The Thinker” by Rodin.

-ISME is a modern, urban proposal as cutting edge as the city of Barcelona, who defend with great elegance the models Irene Díez and Natalie Hughes, hair and make up for the occasion by a master of the brush as Iván González owner of No Me Pinto makeup and hairdress studio.

Photographed in the city of Barcelona halfway roof and lounge of makeup and hairdresser studio No Me Pinto, Roberto Maroto Polo isable to tap the dim light of a stormy afternoon in Barcelona to create an atmosphere that could well have been imbued with “Starry night” or “Starry night over the Rhone” of Vincent Van Gogh.

Visit  Roberto Maroto Polo Website: www.fotografiayestilo.com