“Garden of Vanity” by Agnieszka Sokolowska


Photographer & Styling: Agnieszka Sokolowska  Model: Michalina Marianna Glogowska  Makeup Artist: Karolina Ziminska  Garden Scenery & Flowers in the Fourtesy of Ewa Sokolowska

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Photos from photographer’s Vanity Series. The main theme of the shoot – beauty in all forms comes to an end someday, and everything goes. It is a manifesto encouraging to appreciate every moment of our lives and also keeping in mind the memento mori motto. However, let’s celebrate all the wonderfulness that is all around us, drink that savory cocktail of emotions, colours and forms created by nature, surrounding us, and enjoy it.

The woman placed on opulence of colours and flowers, symbolizes vanity, inconstancy of human life, the fragility and tenderness of its beauty. Soft, fine and complicated structure of flowers, and the variety of their wonderful colours was always a fascination object to the author, especially in the context that their beauty lasts very shortly, and undergoes the laws of nature, just as our life and our general being.