“Ester and the Theater” by Xenia Cserkun

Photographer/Retoucher: Xenia Cserkun   Model: Ester Brenner   Makeup Artist: Natalia Dobrotvorska   Wardrobe: vintage   Assistant: Alex Minets

Soviet architecture is well known for its pomposity and craving for enormously big shapes that had to show the power of the party. The building of dramatic theater in my home town was build at the end of 60s by volunteers who in fact were people of different professions often with no background in engineering and were simply pushed to work. As a result, it was finished in a rush with a lot of constructive and planning mistakes. Even though it’s far from being a marvel of the engineering interiors designed and decorated by incredible sculptor artist of that times Vasyl Svida and are still magnetic for the people.

Now when Soviet Union is no longer exist this theater is almost always empty. But still has the spirit of glory, of live acting, of drama, of fully emotional perception. I was lucky to get permission to shoot inside of almost all the locations that allowed me to convey the atmosphere of this inspirational place.

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